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What Face Creams Can I Use on Unevenly Dissolving Tear Trough Filler Area?

As filler is going down, its leaving under my eyes wrinkled and they were not like that before i area filled. READ MORE

How can I get rid of my laugh lines around mouth? I'm only 18! (photos)

I'm not sure what the cause of these lines is, but they are driving me insane! I don't feel like I can be one of the boys, I look like a Middle Aged... READ MORE

Can you use antibacterial cream like savlon on dermal filler injection sites?

Desperate to use some savlon on the needle marks, but the nurse told me to use arnica cream- which says on the tube 'do not use on broken skin' which... READ MORE

A Cream to React to Fillers?

I have noticed some creams that promise collagen regrowth react to fillers. Much like eating a lot of salt, when applied to injected areas, they plump... READ MORE

Which filler is best for tear troughs? (Photo)

My daughter is asked me to ask this question. She wants to know what's best for her tear trouths. What filler is best? Is there a cream that will... READ MORE

Tear trough filler: Hemosiderin Staining Permanent? (photo)

Hello I had tear trough filler late October . The PS who performed this told me the bruising under my eyes was my bags showing. I went for a second... READ MORE

Added chin to remove fat pockets but no better? (Photos)

I recently added filler in face and chin and the fat pockets seem worse. I'm not sure I'm heading in the right direction and can no longer spend on... READ MORE

Emervel. No change at all? (Photo)

I just had Emervel lip injections and there is no change at all!! I have really thin lips and have been wanting to get this done for ever so I could... READ MORE

What do you recommend for deep under eye lines? Age 24.

Hi! I have question concerning my eyes. I have always had this deep grove beneath both of my eyes, especially when I smile. I am 24. I know I am... READ MORE

My last option for dark circles is filler, will it work? (photos)

Im 31 I start having dark circles since 4 years... its getting worst... i tried everything possible retinol creams, caffeine creams, tritinoin creams,... READ MORE

I have deep under eye wrinkles what do I need to do to get rid of them? Botox? Fillers? Laser? Please help! (photos)

I am 24 years old and ever since age 19 o have developed under eye wrinkles, I use anti aging serums and creams to try and reduce any more wrinkles... READ MORE

What can I do about these creases on my cheek? (Photos)

What can I do about these creases? Not smiling my skin is wrinkle free but when I smile I age twenty years:( I'm early thirties, always stayed out of... READ MORE

Is there any way to slow down progress of tear trough deformity before it gets worse, beside fillers or surgery?

I recently gots slight case of tear through deformy and look like it getting worst .is there a cream that can help it repair skin to thicken to at... READ MORE

Brushing under eye from filler going on month 3. What can I use ? Name a cream or pill ? Slight bruising noticeable .

My dermatologist said to buy qilib pills said that will help with under eye bruising even tho it's for hair growth . I'm not so happy with her... READ MORE

Dimple above eyebrow?? (photos)

I have had dimples above my eyebrows that have progressed for a couple of years. They are on both sides and are there when I frown or smile. I was... READ MORE

I just noticed I have fine lines around the corners of my mouth. Is there a cream I could use or massaging will work everyday?

Also, I had my eyebrows tattooed and the left one is faded more then my right side what can I do and why did this happen? READ MORE

Would like recommendations for first timer to cosmetic work for nasolabial folds (photos)

I'm 37 and the signs of aging are starting to bother me. I've had no work done and would like some guidance in regard to my nasolabial folds (smile... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old. Am I a candidate for injectable fillers to treat my dark circles?

I'm 15 years old and I have pretty bad dark circles under my eyes. From research I have found out that the dark circles under my eyes are hollows and... READ MORE

I wonder what opinions there is for a tenneger just as me do reduce shallow/thin nasolabial folds?

Hi there doctor. Im 18 and have just seen som mild folds popping out (probably beacuse from fat loss) and I really dont like the look of it.Will cream... READ MORE

Filler or lower bleph?

I had hyperthyroid graves and also had surgery to remove entire thyroid. my eyes are going down a lot. I hate the way ppl always assume I'm tired.... READ MORE

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