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Average Cost for Injections in Nasolabial Folds?

What is the average total cost, including doctor's office fees, for injections in the nasolabial fold area? I see doctors listing syringe prices, but... READ MORE

What Are Breast Injections?

I've heard of breast injections that you can get to increase a breast cup size. What are these injections and what is the cost range? READ MORE

Isolagen - Availability, Costs, Treatments?

Is it available in the US ?? What are the side effects and the cost? What skin conditions does it treat? READ MORE

What would be the best option for removal of a chin dimple with permanent results and how much would this cost? (photos)

I have a "dimple" located in the center of my chin and want to remove it. I call it a dimple bc it is circular and does not look like the typical... READ MORE

Can I have phosphatidylcholine injections for under eye bags? (photos)

I have read about using phosphatidylcholine injections rather than surgery to dissolve fat under eyes. Is this a relatively new procedure? Is it safe?... READ MORE

Why Didn't Radiesse Work? Should I Get a Discount on my Next Dermal Filler Treatment?

I had used Radiesse a year ago and loved the result. I did it once again and there was no change at all. In fact, there was a new wrinkle along my... READ MORE

What is the Most Affordable Product to Fill Cheeks Out?

I am very thin any would like to have some fullness in my face. READ MORE

What is the Physician Cost for Injectable Fillers?

I am seeking information on the physician cost for Juvederm, Restylane, and Evolence, not what they are charging their customers. What is the... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Saline Injections to Try out the Look of Fillers?

I heard that you can get saline injections that only last a few hours to see if you like the look of fillers. How much does this cost? READ MORE

Will Lip and Botox Injections Cost Less for Repeat Treatments?

I had lip injections with Juvederm Ultra & Botox in my forehead. Dr never told me to use muscles or to massage lips. I paid over $1000 &... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for early aging/eye hollows and nasolabial folds? (Photo)

I'm 33 and have for the past few years have felt terrible what seems to me, incredibly early aging. I seem to have lose considerable mass in my cheeks... READ MORE

What's the Best, Most Natural, Long Lasting and Price Efficient Between These? (photo)

What's the best, most natural, long lastin and price efficient between, sculptra, fat grafting & silicone and can you recomend an expert ,trusting... READ MORE

Does exercise have an impact on filler?

I exercise twice a day 5 days a week which involves heavy lifting and substantial amounts of cardio. Will this have an impact on filler received in... READ MORE

Fillers Are Too Expensive Don't You Think? Killing Wallets During Hard Times?

The fillers used today only last 6-12 months. Fillers discourage volumizing the face because of the cost. You could spend 3k+ on fillers in one year,... READ MORE

Is Dermavisc Better Than Other Fillers, How Long Does It Last and How Much Does It Cost?

Is Dermavisc Better Than Other Fillers,  How Long Does It Last and How Much Does It Cost? READ MORE

Most Economical & Positive Long Run for Laugh Lines: Fat Inject. Radiesse, Juvaderm or ?

Person of modest means wants to know what is the most economical but satisfactory treatment in the long run. Fat injections, Radiesse, Juvaderm, or ?... READ MORE

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