Cortisone + Injectable Fillers

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2 months post op cortisone injection, I have fat atrophy. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a cortisone injection for a minor blemish about 2 months ago, and the skin began to atrophy. I then went and saw my dermatologist and he put a... READ MORE

Bad Reaction to Filler

I got my upper lip injected with fillers on wednesday my upper lip on the left went really big and swelled a i went to the doctor that injected... READ MORE

A Dent Appeared on Buttock Following Cortisone Shot- What Are The Options?

46 Yr. Old Female Had Cortizone Shot in Hip for Bersitus. 4 Mo. Later an indentation appeared in buttocks and keeps getting bigger. It was her... READ MORE

SALINE Injections in NYC? For Cortisone Atrophy...Steroid injection-DEEP PIT. (photo)

Any doctors here NY Metro area based that have use the saline technique to flush out cortisone from a cortisone injection? My skin has a major dent... READ MORE

Can Injectable Fillers Be Safely Used to Plump Up Depressed Skin After Cortisone Injections for Cystic Acne?

A month ago I broke out with cysts all over my chin so my derm injected them with cortisone. Now I have 2 small and 1 very large hollow areas in my... READ MORE

Depression after cortisone injection

I had a large cyst removed with a cortisone injection which left me with quite a depression or divet. How soon can I have some filler put in it? Is it... READ MORE

My mom had side effect to dermal filler. Any suggestions on what to do? (photos)

It has been done 6 months ago and stilk look like thus after having antibiotics an cortizone injection.So deperate what should we do? READ MORE

Permanent filler: cortisone shot plus Lipo laser. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was unkowingly injected by permenant filler and i went laterto several surgeons to remove it .. One injected cortisone on one side and other surgeon... READ MORE

Can I use cortisone 10 on my face?

I'm allergic to latex and nitrile; that is the only type of glove the dentist had, they used nitrile gloves. Now my face is itchy and a little swollen. READ MORE

Filler for cortisone injection related dent to forehead? (Photo)

Hi, I had a cortisone injection for a cyst at the end of march that left an indent in my forehead. I had it filled with juvederm (better although... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Exercise After a Cortisone Injecton?

I am 7 weeks post-rhinoplasty and was given a cortisone injection today. Thirty minutes after the injection, I lifted heavy weights at the gym.... READ MORE

Are there any walk in locations where I can get emergency cortisone injections for cystic acne?

I have to get these because I scar so easily. The injections clear me up in less than 24 hours. Is there any place that accepts walk ins in these... READ MORE

What caused my reaction to filler? (Photo)

I had fillers in november in my cheeks and my lips a month later i had a rash i was prescribed antihistamines and locatop.this helped until february... READ MORE

liquid Silicone in Face - Like Grains of Sand. Can it be fixed?

I had liquid silicone injected in my face over ten years ago. I have been getting cortisone injections for several years to get rid of the little... READ MORE

Is cortisone injection into capsule safe?

Doctor says cortisone injection into bio alcamid on my cheekbones to remove the fluid there is safe? READ MORE

Need Dr in Chicagoland and Cleveland area to do saline injections to help with atrophy from dent from cortison injection.(photo)

10 days ago had cystic acne spot injected with cortisone.have scarred skin from acne/cortisone in past. In my experience, I do not think it will "get... READ MORE

Skin Depression after Cortisone Injection for Pimple. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a large cyst 2 days before a photo shoot. Now i have a small depression in my forehead. I knew this was a possibility, but how long does this... READ MORE

Dent in Skin - getting married in one month, please help! (photo)

I had a cortisone injection 1 month ago and am left with a dent. big mistake. My wedding is 1 month away. So now am left with a dent in my forehead.... READ MORE

Crepey under eyes!

Hi, I am having crepey, wrinkly, red/dark under eye skin. My dermatologist recommended putting cortisone on them for a week - which improved them... READ MORE

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