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Eye filler for inner corner of eye to correct darkness? (Photo)

The inner corner of my eye is really dark and I also have darkness in the surrounding areas. Will a filler help me correct this? Thanks for answering READ MORE

Which filler will help with my chin dimple and profile correction? (photos)

My dentist say my chin is placed a bit backward and I also have a dimple on my chin as you can see in my photos. I search through internet and have... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct my jaw asymmetry with fillers? (photos)

3 years ago i had maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics to correct my overbite. The surgeon said my jaw was rotated and they had moved my lower jaw... READ MORE

Interested in tear trough correction and nasolabial fold fillers (Photo)

I have deep set eyes with dark depressions, especially in the tear trough areas, as well as deep upper nasolabial folds. Wondering what type of filler... READ MORE

Any Doctors Skilled at Fixing Filler Mistakes in California?

Hello, I had a really bad experience with restylane under the eyes 6 months ago. Had it dissolved,but left residual problems. Also tried to have more... READ MORE

Are cheek fillers the correct decision for 23 year old suffering with 'jowls'? (photos)

I'm 23 years old with a long face and no visible cheekbones over the last couple of years I seem to be storing fat in my lower cheeks and I've... READ MORE

Can asymmetrical appearance after filler be corrected without removing all of the filler? (photos)

My left side looks more hollow than my right side when I do not smile. It's already 2 weeks. The Dr. who did it says it is swelling and should go... READ MORE

Uneven asymmetrical lips after dermal fillers. How can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had dermal fillers about a month ago and my lips have always been slightly asymmetrical however it is much more noticeable now. How should I go... READ MORE

Can I treat hollow eyes with fillers after orbital rim implant?

I had orbital rim implants and it worked very well for about 7 years. i am back to having the "sunken eyes" and dark circles appear at the corner of... READ MORE

I have had artecoll injections. Can i now get juvederm or is there a chance of infection?

I had artecoll injections that turned out terrible . I now want to go see a different doctor to get a non permanent dermal filler to correct the mess... READ MORE

How to resolve asymmetric smile after fillers disaster? What are my options?

Hi after having on the cheeks and lips fillers, my smile is different. One corner is up and the other is down. I am having now hyaluronidase... READ MORE

How do I correct sagging around the nasolabial folds and under the bottom lip? (Photo)

As I've reached 40, my face is sagging around the mouth (lasolabial folds) and under the bottom lip. What can be done to correct this? Any suggestions... READ MORE

Are some areas of the face hard to fill or correct?

I have had filler in my tear troughs, NL folds, lips and some voluma in my cheeks. I love the look, completely natural and looks great. However, one... READ MORE

Can eye asymmetry be corrected with fillers? (Photo)

I have noticed that my eyes are asymmetrical, and while the difference is not extreme, it does affect my self esteem in regards to my overall... READ MORE

What if a Filler Mistake Requires Surgery to Correct? Who Should Pay for the Surgery?

What if a Filler Mistake Requires Surgery to Correct? Who Should Pay for the Surgery? READ MORE

Lip Enhancement | Asymmetrical. Can filler correct the asymmetry, and if so, what is the recommended filler? (photo)

I am thinking about lip enhancement to correct some asymmetry and thought that a little filler may help. Can filler correct the asymmetry, and if so,... READ MORE

Do this correction look okay? (photos)

I had under-eye filler placed last week. I had brusing on the left eye and it is green/yellow under make-up at day 11. When will the bruise go away... READ MORE

What can be done to correct the uneven look from my right eyelid? (Photo)

Hi, I'm looking to get some advice on what the best option would be to help create a symmetrical and even look with regards to my eyelids. I have had... READ MORE

Bells Palsy. Can fillers be used behind the ear to correct jaw line?

I have Bells Palsy damage for 3 years. The entire R side of my face is about 1/4" lower than the left. I am 60 but look 50 on the L side of face. I... READ MORE

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