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Risk of Death from Injectable Fillers Due to Embolism?

I am really interested in getting an injectable filler such as Juvederm, but am paranoid as to the risks involved. Today, I just read online that if... READ MORE

Complications after hyaluronic acid injections? (photos)

I initially experienced bruising, there's a portion of the left side of nose that is numb. Yesterday my nose also got abscess I'm on antibiotic (Ospen... READ MORE

Noticing Lump After Surgical Excision of Tear Trough Filler, Am I Experiencing a Complication? is This Normal? (photo)

Five years ago i had under eye fillers, which formed little hard lumps in my right tear trough,after unsuccessful Hyaluronidase attempts to dissolve... READ MORE

What Are Under Eye Filler Techniques?

 I'm considering having filler under my eyes and around my rim. I've read that you need to find a very experienced surgeon and that there are... READ MORE

Appropriate Action when Your Doctor Makes a Filler Mistake

What do you feel is the right action to take when an MD makes a very unattractive filler mistake? He charged 3 times to dissolve it. Total cost $2,500... READ MORE

Do Fillers Complicate Future Surgeries?

If someone wants to get surgeries or implants in the future, like cheek and nose but dont want to go under the knife quite yet, so they just want to... READ MORE

Could an infection from dermal fillers (sculptra and juvederm) trigger a breast implant complication?

Since I've had a filler complication I've also had issues with my 5 year old implants-they burn and hurt! I'm also experiencing joint pain. Could the... READ MORE

Complications after hyaluronic shot in the nasolabial region. How worried should I be? (Photo)

Hi, yesterday it was the first time I got hyaluronic acid shots. Before the filler, the doctor gave me a local anesthetic shot (lidocaine?) in my... READ MORE

Hit Artery After Expression HA Filler In Lips?

I had Expression HA filler injected into my lips 6 days ago. She hit an artery when I was being injected and I bled and bruised. The bruise is going... READ MORE

How Hard is It to Actually "Block" the Blood Flow when Using Dermal Fillers?

Why is this considered a "rare" complication, it must be hard to do by accident? Please explain in detail READ MORE

Afraid of Tear Trough Filler Blindness risk. Any suggestions?

Hello, I am suffering from tear troughs and would love to get dermal filler in this area. I live in London. I am very afraid of the risk of blindness... READ MORE

Can cosmetic surgery, fillers, or other options fix moderate to severe facial asymmetry such as mine? (photos)

I was born with some complications that led to initial paralysis on one side of my face. I was able to "train" most of the muscles to work. As a... READ MORE

Juvederm after lower blepharoplasty? Yes or No?

I was hoping for opinions on whether I should get Juvaderm fillers under my eyes.   I had lower transconjuctival blepharoplasty and fat grafting... READ MORE

What's the Best Cosmetic Filler for the Eye Area?

What are the possible complications of injecting fillers (Restylane,Juvederm etc.) into the eye area (tear troughs)? Is there any possible... READ MORE

Is it easier or more difficult to inject filler in tear trough years after a bleph?

A couple of years ago I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs. At that time I could hear 'crunching' or 'crackling' sounds and the oculoplastic... READ MORE

Are under eye or cheek fillers a better option for me? (photo)

Hello, I had upper cheek filler (Teosyal) a year ago that needed to be removed with hyaluronidaise due to complications with swelling. The... READ MORE

What's the difference between laugh lines, nasolabial folds and paranasal lines? Is it safe to get implants in that area?

I have shadows, well, lines that runs from the nose and down, im only 25 but theyre more apparent than i want them to be. what does the lines called?... READ MORE

Late onset complication after hyaluronic acid fillers into nasolabial lines. I had HA fillers 3,5 months ago no/prob.

At 3 mnths post inj had teeth cleaning, I had swelling on the left side little over the left NL fold. Resolved in 2 days after polysporin Top. At 3,5... READ MORE

Is it normal for a dermatologist nurse to warn you about possible skin atrophy before you get injections?

Is it a normal thing to be warned when getting info about getting injections to have the drs nurse warn the patient about possible complications?!... READ MORE

Scar Tissue in Lip Philtrum Area. Can Bromelain or 5-FU Help to Dissolve This?

I have some fortelis and teosyal kiss (2 vials - too much) injected in my lips 3 years ago. I'm not sure if what I have left over in the philtrum... READ MORE

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