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Dental Work or Dermal Filler First - Does It Matter?

I am putting off Dental work as I am saving for fillers. I am wondering would it be a problem if I got dental work soon after dermal fillers? Would I... READ MORE

Fillers for Eye Troughs and Mouth Lines

If I want to address both the eye troughs and the mouth lines, can I do that with one type of filler for both or should I use different fillers? What... READ MORE

Can you combine fillers (Voluma & Restylane)?

I just had 2 syringes of Voluma injected into my cheeks today. I have a thin face and I am trying to attain more pronounced cheekbones. I'm wondering... READ MORE

What products can I use or combo of fillers to achieve an extreme cheekbone and under eye.

I'm looking to get a look similar to Kim Kardashian cheekbones and definition. I want an extreme plump defined cheek. READ MORE

Can You Have Permanent Makeup for Lips and then Have Injections?

Hi there, I am considering possibly having permanent makeup done on my lips since they are pale and I think having a natural but richer color would... READ MORE

Does Faxel Repair Damage Facial Fillers?

I have regular treatments of botox and restylane treatments, I have heard faxel repair can melt the fillers? READ MORE

Is It Permitted To Mix Not Absorbed Injectable Skin Materials with Restylene or Ziderm?

A doctor has firstly injected to my face silicone or artecoll this is not clear,and then after on it he procced on injections of ziderm and restylane... READ MORE

Filler brand for acne scars and can I combine with PRP?

Thanks alot for previous reply, which brand of filler i use for my acne scar to get maximum and better result for acne scar my redness or Brown spot... READ MORE

Can I remove static wrinkles from my forehead without the use of fillers?

I am 28 years old and I have noticable static creases that have appeared on my forehead in the last year. I've been told that botox alone will not fix... READ MORE

Will Taking Prednisone Cause More Side Effects with Fillers and Lasers Like Radiesse, Gentle Waves, or BBL?

I am taking 20 mg of prednisone for arthritis daily. Will it cause more bruising or other side effects if I have Radiesse, Restylane, Gentle Waves LED... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Lipoic DMAE Complex Supplements Together?

Should I expect any side effects? I have no allergies and my only medical condition is hypothyroidism. READ MORE

Which Other Injectable Fillers Can Be Used with Beautical 5?

I had 4 syringes of very expensive Beautical 5 last year and am not thrilled with the results. Are there other fillers that I can use in conjunction... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels and Needling Be Used with Dermal Fillers?

I had juvederm put into my tear troughs and chin. Can I still get chemical peels (15% TCA to be precise) if so how long should I wait? And can I use a... READ MORE

What Results Can I Expect From Subcision then Radiesse then Sculptra Treatments?

I had 2 fraxel repairs 50/10 8 pass along with 2 subcisions done in 3 month time span. Then today I had radiesse treatments and in another month I am... READ MORE

Does EMatrix Treatment Takes off the Existing Filler in the Face?

Would you recommend waiting on filler while in the process of performing few eMatrix treatments? Some one told me that the fillers may go away with... READ MORE

Can Ultrasound and Sonophoresus Treatments Impact Existing Botox and Juvederm Treatments?

I am thinking of starting a new at home treatment that uses the two procedures in my question, plus microderm abrasion, but am concerned it will move... READ MORE

Autologus Lipofiller and H.A Combination Okay?

My question :can i combine autologus lipofiller and hayaluronic acid and injected with the same syringe to the pateint? does this comb. increasing... READ MORE

Hair Removal and Fillers Combination Safe?

I am thinking of getting fillers in my nasolabial folds? Can I continue doing my facial hair removal treatments with IPL? Is it safe? READ MORE

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