Choosing A Surgeon + Injectable Fillers

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Dermatologists Vs Plastic Surgeons for Fillers?

I haven't had anything done and I'm now considering a filler. I received mixed reviews on which route to take, as a close friend that works in the... READ MORE

Choosing Qualified DOT Therapy and Cosmetic Injection Providers

How do I know which doctor/provider to choose for DOT Therapy and cosmetic injections? One is a nurse practioner who has certification; One is a board... READ MORE

What Type of Doctor is Most Qualified to Inject Filler Under the Eyes?

I realize that many doctors can be qualified to inject fillers, but what type of doctor would be the best qualified? I had perelane injected under my... READ MORE

How Does One Pick an Injector from a List of Experienced Doctors?

I am interested in getting fillers for my upper cheek and want to choose the right practitioner. I have three in mind, all of whom have a lot of... READ MORE

Finding a facial filler specialist?

How do I find a facial filler expert in my area? READ MORE

Injectable fillers - how to decide on a specilist?

Hello, i live in Toronto and i have noticed that almost none of the certified plastic surgeons do their own fillers, even though they are offered by... READ MORE

Do I go back to my doctor that did a great job with my tear troughs or my new doctor cosmetic dermatologist? (Photo)

My 1st Doctor, who also performs eye surgeries, filled my tear troughs last June. I was very happy with the results! My tear troughs are coming back.... READ MORE

How do I go about finding a doctor experienced in tear trough injections?

I saw in several posts to make sure the doctor that does the tear trough injections has a lot of experience. How do I go about finding one that does?... READ MORE

In many posts about fillers, DRs emphasize "using a very skilled injector". How does one determine who is or isn't beforehand?

How does one determine beforehand exactly who is or isn't a good injector? What are the criteria for the making of a skilled injector with fillers? READ MORE

ASOMS VS Plastic surgeon?

I keep reading that 'Only' a 'Board certified' ps is who you should see & feel this is mileading. Don't most PS focus on 'Surgery'? I want to see... READ MORE

I Had PMMA Injected in my Penis. Now It's Deformed? What Type of Surgery Am I Looking At?

I had over 20c of PMMA injected in my penis last week for girth enhancement. My member is now grossly deformed. What type of surgery am I looking at... READ MORE

Possible to Get Upper Eyelid Filler in Argentina?

I am interested in upper eyelid filler, but I live in Argentina, would you recomend any professional or institute in my country? May be is a new... READ MORE

Tips for Finding a Great Plastic Surgeon

I want a plastic surgeon for under eye hollows can you give me tips or recommend plastic surgeons in the bay area? READ MORE

Oculoplastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist?

I have volume loss and small bags under my eyes. I am considering filler. Should I go to an oculoplastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist for this? READ MORE

Should 1 past legal issue affect my decision on my doctor?

I found a great doctor but turns out he lost his license to practice in another state for injecting people with an unapproved, cheaper substance... READ MORE

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