Cheekbones + Injectable Fillers

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Best Permanent Under Eye Filler for Hollowness?

I am seriously considering having a permanent filler under my eyes. I am 48 years old, and unlike most women my age, I don't have crow's feet or... READ MORE

Radiesse for High Cheek Bones? (photo)

My cheekbones are naturally high but I want them to look more like the cheeks in the pictures I posted.Would radisse be good to get results or should... READ MORE

Can Dermal Filler in the Temple or High Cheek Bone Lift the Corner of the Eye?

The "waterline" of my eyelid is round instead of almond shaped like it use to be. It is exposing the "white part" under my pupil... READ MORE

Help - I've Always Wanted High Cheekbones and a Defined Jawline (photos)

I've always wanted High cheekbones and a defined jawline. I feel my face is too round. What are the prices for Voluma in South Florida? I'm a little... READ MORE

Can injectable filler migrate?

Filler such as radiesse injected into the cheek bones or chin, if i put pressure on that area will the filler migrate or change form? READ MORE

Can I Get Higher Cheekbones Through Fillers?

My cheeks are flat. Can fillers give me a higher cheekbone? READ MORE

Can you combine fillers (Voluma & Restylane)?

I just had 2 syringes of Voluma injected into my cheeks today. I have a thin face and I am trying to attain more pronounced cheekbones. I'm wondering... READ MORE

Injectable fillers for midface hypoplasia/flat cheekbones? Can I get cheek implants later?

I have recessed cheekbones and a protruding jaw. I feel jaw surgery is too invasive and would like to bring the middle part of my face/my eyes forward... READ MORE

How to Restore Facial Fat Non Invasively?

Is there anyway to restore facial fat non invasively--meaning, no injections--to the upper face (cheekbones, tear troughs, temples, etc.? READ MORE

I would like more defined cheekbones, like what is typical of a male model. Would dermal fillers work?

I know of procedures like dermal fillers and cheek implants but am wondering what would give better results. Can dermal fillers give the angularity... READ MORE

What filler should I use to fix my weak cheekbones and chin? (photo)

I want to fix my weak cheek bones and weak chin, which I feel cause chubby jowls or something. I would love a more angular, upside-down-triangle face... READ MORE

What products can I use or combo of fillers to achieve an extreme cheekbone and under eye.

I'm looking to get a look similar to Kim Kardashian cheekbones and definition. I want an extreme plump defined cheek. READ MORE

High exotic cheekbones? (Photo)

So I've been saving my money for high cheek bones. But honestly for now I want the quick injections Instead of the surgery. I guess there called... READ MORE

Can filler be used to sculpt high, sharp cheekbones without making them fat?

Hello, I would really like higher cheekbones but I've noticed that so many people end up having fat cheeks after filler and that's something I want to... READ MORE

Facelift and fillers. Pros & cons of each? Goal is to fill brow area, cheekbone area, jawline. Advice appreciated!

Had a fl about 10 yrs ago, aging setting in. Nervous about further cutting (re-facelift) d/t possible distortion of features. So for the first time... READ MORE

I'm in my early 20's and my cheeks are somewhat full, but I want definition. Can fillers create the high cheekbone look?

I'm in my early 20's and my cheeks are somewhat full. However, I have no definition in my cheekbones, they are completely flat. I was wondering if... READ MORE

I have high cheek bones but seem to have lost volume in the centre of my cheeks would a filler here help? (photo)

I have smile lines and under eye circles , i previously had botox on my forehead in which I got hives an itchy rash which lasted several weeks.I saw a... READ MORE

Can Filler Injections cause Bruising leading to Hemosiderin?

I had rhinoplasty and fat grafting under the eyes for hollows Jan 31, 2014. I had hemosiderin staining below the eyes, high cheekbone area. Laser... READ MORE

Juveni Confort Dermal Filler - Lots of Swelling

I had Juveni Confort (Perlane equivalent?) in 2 sessions, 2 weeks afer Fractional CO2 laser. #1 was Nasolabial, marionette lines, tear troughs &... READ MORE

Does it make sense that the round puffy smile would be caused by filler on the masseter when my face at rest is thin? (photo)

My injector put filler all over my face because i was complaining of having a skinny face. i lost the groove, which i liked between mandible and cheek... READ MORE

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