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Numbness One Week After Injection in Nasolabial Folds: Should I Worry?

25 year old, had HA injections in the nasolabial folds 1 week ago. Everything seemed to be ok until yesterday when i started to feel numbness in this... READ MORE

Do I actually look 5-10 yrs older than my age? Would fillers or topical treatments help me look my age? (photos)

I am 25. I regularly hear I look 28-35. I hate it. But I don't seem to have wrinkles, I use SPF, tretinoin, and I don't tan. My questions: 1.) Do I... READ MORE

Why Are There a Few Small Bumps Under my Eyes After Stem-cells Being Injected?

12 days ago, I received a plastic surgeon using my own stem-cells in South Korea. The doctor injected the stem-cells around my eyes, and then I... READ MORE

Why does my face seem so asymmetrical? (Photo)

Why do my face seem so ugly and i hate it so much. When i take a selfie from reverse camera it will always turn out ugly due to my face. It will never... READ MORE

I am 19 and have these two creases/wrinkles under my eye lid. What are they and can they be treated? (Photo)

I have had these for a few years now and they have not gone away, sometimes (like today) I feel like they are very noticeable. They get on my nerves... READ MORE

Tried Multiple Fillers, But They Dissolve Extra-Quickly, What Else Can I Try?

Ive been having fillers for the last 4 years. I started off with perlane, I had 1 ml to see hardly any results, so i went back again, better, not my... READ MORE

What's the real cause of tyndall effect?

Is it possible that "tyndall effect" under eyes is caused by something other than superficially placed filler? most docs do not inject superficially... READ MORE

Effect of filler. What is this? (Photo)

More than 5 years ago I got filler (forget what type) in my laugh lines and cheeks. As a result I have this bulging area on right side near laugh line... READ MORE

Why Are Facial Fillers Rated So Poorly on This Site?

Barely more than half of any of the fillers are rated positively on this site. Do you find similar satisfaction rate among your patients? If not, why... READ MORE

Filler moved from my upper cheek towards my temple. Why is this happening?

I had filler injected in my upper cheek and it drastically moved upwards towards my temple area and I had other fillers move as well from this nurse... READ MORE

Is this skin necrosis? I had some HA fillers in my cheek region. (photo)

Waking up this morning I can see what I suspect is only bruising but I'm unsure. There is some slight pain in my cheek region. Approximately 2ml of HA... READ MORE

Haven't had HA filler injected to cheeks for 3 months but am now very swollen. Could it be collagen pads? (Photo)

After applying collagen eye patches under my eyes my right cheek got very swollen. The affected area is the exact location where I have HA fillers but... READ MORE

Juveni Confort Dermal Filler - Lots of Swelling

I had Juveni Confort (Perlane equivalent?) in 2 sessions, 2 weeks afer Fractional CO2 laser. #1 was Nasolabial, marionette lines, tear troughs &... READ MORE

I Had Injected Metacril. Noticing Deformity in My Eyes and Nose?

I had inject metacril outside the country . they put me in right under the skin of the nose about 8ml syringe in one session is it possible that... READ MORE

Unable to Gain Any Muscle After Silicone Injection?

Hi, i recently made a stupid move without thinking or doing any research. i had silicone injection on my hips... for one time only. i usually work out... READ MORE

Can Dermal Fillers Cause Lupus? I've Had Bad Reactions Since Day 1.

I had a HA filler injected into my lips by the plastic surgeon's nurse, within an hour my nose and lower portion of face turned blue. I had a... READ MORE

I Had Filler Treatment for Dark Circles and Hollows Two Months Ago, and Recently Developed Puffiness Under One Eye.

The doctor used an injection in an attempt to dissolve the filler, but my eye is still puffy. My eye wasn't like this prior to the filler. The... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done About the Waxy Glow You Sometimes See with Fillers?

I've had juvederm put in my lower cheeks and cheek bones. My concern is the waxy glow you often see where the filler is placed. Its less a problem... READ MORE

What caused my reaction to filler? (Photo)

I had fillers in november in my cheeks and my lips a month later i had a rash i was prescribed antihistamines and locatop.this helped until february... READ MORE

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