Cannula + Injectable Fillers

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Is It Better to Have Fillers Injected with a Microcannula?

I was told that I'll have less bruising if fillers are injected with a microcannula vs. sharp needle. Is this true? Do all doctors use these? READ MORE

When having filler injected to the cheeks and under eye area, is a cannula syringe a better option?

I moved back from Chicago a year ago and was traveling back each time I needed filler injections. I am looking for a local office who specializes in... READ MORE

Aspiration before injection of HA filler. Is it safe?

I'm very scared of having filler injected into an artery. After watching several demonstrations on youtube, I see none of the doctors aspirate before... READ MORE

Is it possible to fill filler with needle under eye (lacrimal groove)?

Or should use exactly cannula for this area? Thanks for answer. READ MORE

Would someone please recommend the best brand of blunt microcannula for dermal fillers?

I am an aesthetic RN and I would truly appreciate if those doctors who use microcannula technique for dermal fillers relatively often in their... READ MORE

Nerve damage after filler in cheeks?

I had filler in my cheeks 3 weeks ago. Minimal swelling after but 2 weeks later woke up with one swollen cheek. I took an oral antibiotic,which I'm... READ MORE

Filler for my tear trough area, left with a visible bruise from where the cannula was inserted. Will this be resolved? (Photo)

Will the bruising from filler in the tear trough area be resolved? It's been two months and there's still a bruise. READ MORE

How can I find a doctor that uses micro cannula needles for tear trough filler?

How do I go about finding a doctor that uses micro cannula needle for under eye bags? I've already called a few places near me and so far nothing, is... READ MORE

Looking to fill eye hollows ( NOT TEAR TROUGH) without surgery,blunt cannula ONLY. (photo)

I have hollowing all around my deep set eyes &my upper eyelid under my brow is starting to sag.Ihave had filler under eye before but it wasn't enough... READ MORE

Under eye filler using cannula injection. (photos)

I did under eye filler week ago .. it's still puffy under my left eye and little on right. It looks like half dark moon under my left below the... READ MORE

I love the result I get from a cannula however I cannot tolerate the discomfort any advice ?

I have had filler before with an injection no problems . last time I went in my doctor he used a cannula it felt VERY uncomfortable compared to the... READ MORE

I received tear trough filler with a cannula under my eyes 9 days ago. Will this swelling go down? (Photo)

I received tear trough filler with a canulla under my eyes 9 days ago. The initial result was great then 2 days later I had what I assumed was normal... READ MORE

Been wanting to enhance lips with filler for some time & was wondering if the use of a cannula can reduce swelling & bruising?

I have read that a cannula can reduce swelling and bruising, however I am wondering if it can do more. Some reports I've read women have said that... READ MORE

What areas are best treated with fillers via cannula? What areas are best treated with fillers via needle?

I know every practitioner is different and its a matter of preference, but I'd love to have different people chime in. I know blunt tip cannulas have... READ MORE

Dermal filler nerve damage. Can someone explain how the trigeminal nerve can be hit with a cannula? (Photo)

What is chance of recovery? It has been the worst year of my life, since June 9th, 2015. I can only describe what I am going through as torture, pain... READ MORE

How does nerve damage occur from cheek dermal fillers using a cannula? And how common is this? (Photo)

Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Trigeminal Neuropathy by a Neurologist. I had .5cc Juvederm Voluma in each cheek 6mths ago. I am now in pain everyday.... READ MORE

Who injects Juvederm or other fillers using a cannula technique in either Bay Area or Sacramento?

Having a really hard time finding someone experienced in micro-cannula in Northern California.... READ MORE

No risks with cannula under eyes?

My doctor says that there is no risks for blindness at the tear trough area when use cannula. Is this true? READ MORE

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