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Candidate for Botox and Fillers if I have Autoimmune Issues?

I am 62 year old thin female who was interested in Sculptra injectibles. However, thru this forum I have been advised against it due to my autoimmune... READ MORE

Prominent Eyes- Will Under Eye Filler Solve Problem? (photo)

I have prominent, almost bug eyes. On top of that, my lower eye area is dark and unless it's very bright out, the shadow makes me look like a... READ MORE

Not a Candidate for Dermal Fillers if Have Hypertrophic Scarring?

I have been thinking about having Juvederm or restylane injected into my nasolabial folds, but have read for both products that you should not use... READ MORE

I'd Like to Modify the Shape of my Eye to Make It More "Almond" Shaped with Fillers. Is This Possible? (photo)

I'm young and wrinkles are not the issue. I'd like to modify the actual shape of my eye. Is this a possibility with injectable fillers? Is... READ MORE

Would fillers help lift hooded eyes?

My eyes aren't EXTREMELY hooded but I definitely do have hooded eyes. I want to get fillers for my dark dark circles and I was wondering if it would... READ MORE

It is worth a 66 year old woman having a filler?

It is worth to have filler for a 66 year old woman READ MORE

Can Injectable Fillers Be Safely Used to Plump Up Depressed Skin After Cortisone Injections for Cystic Acne?

A month ago I broke out with cysts all over my chin so my derm injected them with cortisone. Now I have 2 small and 1 very large hollow areas in my... READ MORE

Can I get chiseled cheeks, and chiseled jaw line with filler? (Photo)

I want to have that model look, I would love to get high cheekbones/chiseled cheeks, and a chiseled jawline. Can filler do that? READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for an Injectable Filler? (photo)

I'm 25 years old, and I have deep nasolabial folds. I was considering investing in an injectable filler, but I'm weary of bad results. Also, I... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Cheek/lip Fillers? Maybe Some Chin Work? (photo)

I turn 18 in February, I have gotten a nose job a few months ago, which still has a bit of swelling that still needs to go down for me to see the... READ MORE

Would Filler Work For My Nasolabial Folds? Two Derms Said I'm Too Young at 34. (photo)

I am 34 years old and feel like I have deep smile and nasolabial lines. I have 2 personal friends who are dermatologists that perform filler... READ MORE

Can I Get Filler Done for my Flat Cheek and Tear Trough?

I like to avoid a cheek lift as advised by the occupist. READ MORE

How to Fix Smile Wrinkles on Cheeks?

Is there a way to remove the wrinkles that form on my cheeks when I smile? I'm on my late 20s and feel that I shouldn't be having those wrinkles yet!... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get a straight square jaw with FILLER based on my face shape? (Photo)

I often found most attractive people have a very straight looking sides of their face before a sharp tapering jaw to their chin. But for my face, it... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for filler for undereye hollows and dark circles? (photo)

I have very bad dark circles caused by thin skin under my eyes. If I "pull" the skin to make it appear thicker the circles are covered. I also have... READ MORE

Is Tear Trough Injections Suitable for Me? (photo)

I'm only 22 but I have developed dark circles under my eyes. These have been getting me down and i'm looking to do something about them. If i... READ MORE

Would I Be Suitable for Dermal Filler Eye Hollow Correction?

I am a 41 yr old very active male who takes great pride in staying as young looking as possible, but in the last year unfortunately i have started to... READ MORE

What would be the best filler for an extremely gaunt face? (Photo)

My face is extremely gaunt. It has always been like this. I have no self-esteem because of it, and I never have. I want to be confident for the first... READ MORE

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