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Remove Voluma from Cheek After 10 Months?

Can i remover voluma from my cheek after and reverse the effects with Hyaluronidase. From Day 1, one cheek reacted with intermittent swelling to the... READ MORE

Bulge at Corner of Mouth Even After Using Radiesse, What Other Options Are There? (photo)

I asked about this already, but I didn't word it right and I can't edit the post. I am 28 years old and have lost about 40lbs. This weight... READ MORE

Bulge at Corner of Mouth? (photo)

I've got this bulge just at the corners of my mouth. Can somebody tell me what it is? Bone/muscle/fat? Most people I've seen don't have it, and it's... READ MORE

Am I not a good candidate for under eye filler because my mid face is flat? (photos)

A doctor told me that I'm not a good candidate for fillers because I technically don't have hollowing, but rather a negative orbital vector and mild... READ MORE

Under eye filler? (photo)

Hi, I got filler put under my eye about a year and a half ago and I was very pleased with the results. The problem is now a bulge has started to... READ MORE

Is it safe to fill around the periorbital area? I have prominent eyes the the outer sides of the eyes kinda bulge out

What is the best filler to inject under the eyes and is it safe to fill around the periorbital area? I have prominent eyes the the outer sides of the... READ MORE

Best filler for forehead irregularities? Other options?

I was overfilled with restylane in my forehead and was left with a bulge. I had hyaluronidase injected and was left with some irregularities in my... READ MORE

Hardness and Bulge in Cheek 6 Months After Voluma?

I had voluma in cheeks 6 months ago. One cheek immediately reacted for approx 6 weeks - pain, slight swelling, hardness, in part of that cheek. At 6... READ MORE

Pouches/bulges under bottom lip. Non-surgical options? Would Fillers work? (photos)

I have bulges under my lower lip, above my chin, which I can only assume are due to my recessed chin/bite. These bulges create dark shadows, which... READ MORE

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