Bottom Lip + Injectable Fillers

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How to get rid of dent under bottom lip? (Photo)

I have a "dent" under my bottom lip which I hate. It's not very noticeable from the front, but from the profile I feel it really stands out. I'm... READ MORE

Deep Hole Just Under my Lower Lip: In the last 5 years i have 2 fat injections and 1 tissue-skin grafting in it.

In the last 5 years i have 2 fat injections and 1 tissue-skin grafting in it. My problem starts just at then end of the lower lip. Just under the... READ MORE

If I have an indentation on the bottom of my lip, will a hyaluronic acid pill or any injectable filler make that disappear?

I have an indentation in the middle of my bottom lip (much like Angelina Jolie does). I'm more interested to know if intaking hyaluronic acid through... READ MORE

Wondering what can be done about the line/crease between my lower lip and chin? (Photo)

It is reasonably deep, can it be fixed with dermal filler to even out? READ MORE

Did my doctor inject me with fillers? Is there a way to check for the presence of fillers in the lip? (photos)

I went to a doctor for lip reduction on my bottom lip on the 29th of December. The results look horrible and I'm worried about a few things. at the... READ MORE

How do I correct sagging around the nasolabial folds and under the bottom lip? (Photo)

As I've reached 40, my face is sagging around the mouth (lasolabial folds) and under the bottom lip. What can be done to correct this? Any suggestions... READ MORE

On my 3rd day of HA injection. Pain is unbearable and swelling is getting worse on bottom right lip. (Photo)

Tuesday@12 I had 2 syringes of HA put in my lips. The day of I had the norm pain, swelling and discomfort. I'm on day 3 since Thursday evening the... READ MORE

Unevenness after lip injections. I know unevenness is common but what about directly after the injections? (photo)

It's is a little strange encase usually the lips are quite hard and tender after and half of my bottom lips feels soft like there has been no filler... READ MORE

I have had lip filler top and bottom, vermillion border and smokers lines done 8 weeks prior to lips. (photo)

My top is protruding above lip and causing a shadow which looks like I have a moustache. Can you tell from the picture what is wrong so that I can ask... READ MORE

Dermagen as a Filler for Wrinkles - Is It Safe?

My sister just had DERMAGEN injected to her face for chin improvement, nasolabial folds, lower lib, etc. After she told me I looked the product up and... READ MORE

What Procedure Would Fix This Shadow Below my Bottom Lip?

I really dislike the bottom half of my face because of this shadow below my bottom lip/on my chin when I'm not smiling. Would fillers help? READ MORE

I've had 1ml of Esthelis Basic injected in my lip 24hrs ago with severe bruising. Ruptured blood vessels? (Photo)

Have the blood vessels in my bottom lip been ruptured? I am very alarmed at the visual outcome. I'm well aware that I need at least 48hrs downtime but... READ MORE

I have a chin crease, under my lower lip. I want it to be gone. Any way to get permanent results?

I don't want to get a botox or filler because the results aren't permanent. Any way to get permanent results? Any way possible to get rid of this chin... READ MORE

Is there any way of temporarily or permanently filling dip in bottom lip so that the bottom lip is flat across? (photos)

I am a trumpet player of 20+ years who after 20 years of practice, studying with top teachers and doing a performance degree still has a terrible... READ MORE

I have now had my bottom lip done to even out duck lip. Should I be worried about this or is just swelling still? (photo)

I had my top lip done but was letter with duck lips do I had my bottom lip done to even it out which has successfully worked but I'm now worried I'm... READ MORE

What surgery may I possibly need? (Photo)

My lips tend to stick out from the rest of my face. I have looked into chin augmentation but prefer not to elongate my face at all. Even so with a... READ MORE

Is it possible to raise the outer part of lower lip vermillion with fillers/Botox? Not talking about corners of my mouth (Photo)

The outer part of my bottom lip seems to sag a bit and gives the appearance of long straight across bottom lips, and only accentuates my frowning... READ MORE

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