Botox Alternatives + Injectable Fillers

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Deep Horizontal Crease on Upper Lip when Smiling? (photo)

What are the best alternatives to botox in correcting an upper lip horizontal crease? I tried it once and basically, lost movement in my upper lip. I... READ MORE

Anything other than Botox for jaw asymmetry due to clenching/grinding?

Are there any other treatments that can successfully reduce the size of the larger masseter muscle that are less expensive/painful than Botox? I grind... READ MORE

Are there any non animal derived Botox alternatives out there?

Hi there, I was just wondering if there are any cosmetic procedure that work in a similar way to botox on correcting wrinkles that is not animal... READ MORE

Alternative to Botox for horizontal forehead creases? Can fillers work?

I tried Botox, and it was administered by someone with 10 years experience. I was cautious, so she only applied a single vial to the creases about 1/2... READ MORE

Is there any alternative to Botox or fillers? The last injection of Botox triggered my lupus erythmateous (Photo)

Almost 3 years ago, I had a botox injection for the horizontal wrinkle between the eyebrows. I was 36 and in excellent health. The next day I woke up... READ MORE

Smile lines when I smile (Photo)

I have tried Botox to remove theese lines when I smile, but that didn't really work with me, are there other products on the market? READ MORE

Can I remove static wrinkles from my forehead without the use of fillers?

I am 28 years old and I have noticable static creases that have appeared on my forehead in the last year. I've been told that botox alone will not fix... READ MORE

What can be done for crow's feet on cheeks beyond Botox? (Photos)

I've had Botox twice in the last 30 days separated two weeks apart and still have lines across my cheeks when I smile. They aren't there much when I'm... READ MORE

ON two separate occasions I have had Botox injected for eyebrow lift, as well for the forehead. No effect.

I do not have photos because there is nothing to see, just me. The first doctor was amazed, and told me she had never seen this, and the second doctor... READ MORE

Filler to Smooth Out Forehead?

I am unable to use Botox. Is there a filler ( or other alternative) that can be used in the forehead area to help smooth out the area? READ MORE

I've Been Vaccinated Against Botulism & Botox is Ineffective; is There Another Treatment for Crows Feet?

When I turned 30 I treated myself to Botox for my crows feet and forehead wrinkles but didn't see a result... I went back for more a month later again... READ MORE

How to get rid of crease in right cheek? (photo)

I have developed a crease in my right cheek when I smile as I've gotten older. It's not on my left side at all. I do get some Botox around my eyes.... READ MORE

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