Blindness + Injectable Fillers

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Risk of Filler Injection for Causing Blindness? (photo)

I have a depressed scar on my temple area which is about 1x2cm^2. It is shallow, i'd say <0.4mm, but it's obvious in certain lightings. I... READ MORE

What can be done about dark spots on nose bridge/root (next to eyes)? Filler? Blindness risk? (photos)

0.3ml of HA per side? The area was swollen following hair transplant, and it looked wonderful, no darkness. I’ve read that injecting HA there can be d... READ MORE

Likeliness of Filler Injection for Causing Blindness?

I have a depressed scar on my temple. It is not so deep, <0.4mm but obvious in certain angles. While I considered the autologous fibroblast... READ MORE

Forehead injections can cause blindness? Is this the case only with wrinkle fillers or all fillers?

Hello. I have a flat forehead and would like to augment the area of my brow bone and the section above my glabella. However there are many articles... READ MORE

Afraid of Tear Trough Filler Blindness risk. Any suggestions?

Hello, I am suffering from tear troughs and would love to get dermal filler in this area. I live in London. I am very afraid of the risk of blindness... READ MORE

Can upper eyelid fillers cause blindness?

Hello. I have asymmetrical and slightly hollow upper eyelids and wanted a hyaluronic filler such as restalyne to reduce the hollowness. Is this area... READ MORE

I need forehead, filler. I'm scared of going blind. If this were to happen it would be immediate?

Or could it happen months,or years later? I'm thinking fat injections. Does it,depend on the,viscosity of the product or just placement? READ MORE

Eye lid exposure & hollowing - Fillers in the brow area - Dangerous?

I got severe upper eye lid exposure and hollowing. I saw amazing results with dermal fillers injected into the brow area to cover the upper eyelids a... READ MORE

I have heard of hyularonic acid blindness. How common is it and can you avoid it?

I am a regular customer for non surgical rhinoplasty. I literally have a flat surface between my eyes, my bridge starts lower than the average person... READ MORE

Would fillers help the corners of my mouth? Also could it cause blindness? (photo)

There is something going on with the corners of my mouth. A dermatologist told me that I have perleche. She gave me a steroid and then told me that... READ MORE

Directly after the filler has been injected into your lips, do you notice vision changes/blindness or does this happen over time

I want to get lip filler, but I have questions regarding the risk of getting blind. Do you directly after the filler has been injected notice eye... READ MORE

I want to get fillers for my lips, chin and labiomental fold but I'm afraid because I heard that fillers can cause blindness.

I know that the regions with a high risk are around the eyes, nose and forehead but I'm still worried so I want to ask if there is any risk of... READ MORE

Upper forehead fillers and blindness?

I know that in the glabella and lower forehead region there is a rare chance of blindness if a special artery is occluded. But what about the upper... READ MORE

Could I Go Blind from my Tear Trough Injection? Eyes Feel Heavy Slighty Etc

Hello, I'm young and in my twenties. I've long had puffy under eye circles as it runs in my family. after consulting with three surgeons about it they... READ MORE

Risks of dermal fillers - real risks of stroke or blindness?

I am thinking of getting dermal fillers in my cheeks and have already asked a question about the best filler to us. I have just heard that that there... READ MORE

How safe are PRP injections from an aesthetician? Are the risks of blindness the same as with fillers?

I have a nurse practicioner offering to do PRP injections under my eyes and nasaolabial folds. What are the risks? Oh and under the chin READ MORE

Fillers causing blindness? (Photo)

I have heard suggestions for fillers to the hollows of eyes. Is this safe? What type of filler is best? READ MORE

No risks with cannula under eyes?

My doctor says that there is no risks for blindness at the tear trough area when use cannula. Is this true? READ MORE

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