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Any suggestions for lip injections for a black woman with full lips? (photos)

I am a 25 year old black woman with fuller lips ..I would like to get my lips filled in the sides of my bottom lip,the sides of my top lip and my... READ MORE

Just had fillers (xela 100ml) how do I get lumps smoothed in bottom lip. (photos)

Just had my lips done, perhaps a little bigger than I anticipated. Except I feel from getting them done this morning and looking at them this evening... READ MORE

Can I add more filler into my filled lips? (Photo)

I got a filler to my upper lip and i want to add more to make it look more bigger. Is that possible and okay to have filled more injections. Im not... READ MORE

What should I use to minimize my "smile lines"; Botox or a filler? (photos)

When I smile, I have very deep "smile lines" that I want to go away! If I am not smiling, the lines disappear, but when I smile, and the bigger I... READ MORE

Will fillers cause me to age funny? I want bigger lips but don't want to look fake

I see so many celebrities that use filler to make their lips bigger. They look good when they are younger but as they age they look more fake and... READ MORE

Would fillers make my eyelids bigger?

I have had upper blepharoplasty to make my eyes look more open and bigger, the surgery was great but i would like my eyelids to be bigger, they are... READ MORE

Chin filler to feminine, would like a more square chin. Is this possible with additional fillers? (photos)

Dear sir/madam, 2 days ago I had chin fillers. I think my profile has improved, but, from the front, I think it has made my face look more oval, more... READ MORE

I Am Having Hypoplastic Earlobes. How Can I Make It Larger? Are Dermal Fillers is an Option?

I am having hypoplastic earlobes. how can i make it larger? is dermal fillers is an option?? if yes, can dermal fillers give me any desired shape i want? READ MORE

Scar tissue after lip filler - bigger lips? Ice on swollen - damage?

Is it true that lips will remain big if i keep get fillers before the last filler has disappeared? Big because of scar tissue which means that i dont... READ MORE

Permanent tissue change after temporary filler?

I've been having HA filler in my nose for around 5 years now. My nose has progressively gotten bigger and wider. I had all the HA dissolved 5 months... READ MORE

Is it possible to have filler / fat injection for a jaw augmentation after Jaw implant surgery?

Hello 2 years ago, i had a jaw augmentaion with implants. Unfortunetly, i would like to have a more bigger jaw (square). I have 2 choices: - I remove... READ MORE

Why has my lip filler doubled in size on one side of my lips when I have had it done over 6 months? (Photo)

Could you help me please I have had my lips done over 6 months ago and I woke up today to one side doh me in size and the filler is really hard and... READ MORE

Can I enhance my dorsal hump with fillers?

I have a slight dorsal hump but I would like it to be more prominent and I'd also like further tip projection. My family all have very strong roman... READ MORE

Can fillers be used to to make a nose appear slightly larger and more masculine?

I've had rhinoplasty that I wasn't completely happy with. While no one has ever said anything negative to me about it, I feel it's slightly too narrow... READ MORE

Should my doctor have massage the product in after injecting? He used Perfecta, & put 1 ml on the top, 1/2ml on bottom. (photo)

I got my lips done a week ago using Perfectha. I told the doctor I wanted them the same shape but bigger. I had them done twice before but with a... READ MORE

Hello, Is it possible to modify my nasolabial folds? (photos)

I got my nose done months ago nd Im still not satisfied as I feel like my nasolabial folds make my nose look bigger when I smile Im only 19 but it... READ MORE

After Ellanse filler.. one cheek is bigger than the other.. is it swollen or the injection site was wrong? (photos)

I had Ellanse filler injection today.. i the clinic after the dr. Was done.. i felt all was perfect.. once i left the clinic in a couple of hours i... READ MORE

I'm thinking about getting the mentalis muscle in my chin released. Any suggestions?

I want to get my cleft chin removed by going in the get the mentalis muscle released. After the surgeon does this, I know that they have to fill that... READ MORE

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