Asymmetry + Injectable Fillers

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Wide, Uneven Jaw with Creases Around Mouth - How Can It Be Fixed / Minimized?

I know the best way to determine is through a visit with my plastic surgeon but is there any advice on what procedures (preferably non-surgical) can... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Smile from Filler Injections on Nasolabial Folds

I just had filler injected on my nasolobial area yesterday. Is it normal for my smile not to be symmetrical for the first few days? By... READ MORE

Would a Filler Work for my Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

So I know that everyone is asymmetrical in some way, others less then others. But mine really bothers me physically and mentally.. The right side of... READ MORE

Could fillers help my asymmetrical jaw? (photo)

My jaw has always bothered me. It's defined on one side, but not the other. Straight on pictures always look off because of this. Would fillers... READ MORE

Side Effects from Polyacrylamide Filler?

Hi! 2 months ago I made lip augmentation and I don't know why doctor chose synthetic filler Polyacrylamide, without explaining me all side effects.... READ MORE

Would filler be the best way to enhance my jawline?

25 year old male in good health. I have a thin face. Seeking options about enhancing my jawline. Specifically the jaw angle from the front view. My... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct my jaw asymmetry with fillers? (photos)

3 years ago i had maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics to correct my overbite. The surgeon said my jaw was rotated and they had moved my lower jaw... READ MORE

There is something asymmetrical and disproportionate about my face. Would filler help? Jowl? Cheek? Is my nose too big? (Photo)

I wouldn't consider surgery, a part for nose job of course, but i think cosmetic medicine could help.. Thank you very much READ MORE

Asymmetrical smile lines. How can I fix this? (Photo)

Like really asymmetrical. As you can see on the illustration, which is just a quick drawing, one smile lines is nice, "turning" outwards, but the... READ MORE

I've recently noticed my face is very asymmetrical. What should I get done to help correct this? (Photo)

I've noticed over the past year that I have some skeletal asymmetry, particularly in my jaw and forehead. My eyes are very asymmetrical and so is my... READ MORE

Sculpting filler (Radiesse?) on my jawline/mandibular angle to correct asymmetry/corrosion? (Photo)

Hi, I'm a female in my Mid 20's residing in NYC looking for a Dr, on the east coast, specializing in aesthetic sculpting with fillers. I have very... READ MORE

How Can I Dissolve the Filler in my Nose Quickly?

I had 3 nose injections 4 months apart because i wasn't happy with the results, and now my nose is not symmetrical. one side has more filler than... READ MORE

Why does my face seem so asymmetrical? (Photo)

Why do my face seem so ugly and i hate it so much. When i take a selfie from reverse camera it will always turn out ugly due to my face. It will never... READ MORE

Can Nostrils Be Filled to Achieve Symmetry?

I had a skin graft on my nose for skin cancer, and stitches were pulled out and now my one nostril is irregularly shaped and makes me look loopy,... READ MORE

Will a filler be able to fix my asymmetrical eyes or is an upper eyelid surgery for my left eye required? (Photo)

When i was a little kid I was in a dog bite incident where my right bottom portion of my lip was "shredded" as i like to refer to it, and every since... READ MORE

Could Fillers Be Used to Correct Minor Eye Asymmetry? (photo)

The inner corners of my eye are asymmetric. Could a small amount of filler be injected into ridge above the inner corner to correct this? If so, what... READ MORE

Are cheek fillers okay, if I sleep on my stomach with my head to the side? Could this cause asymmetry?

I'm concerned that if I get fillers in my cheeks and I sleep on my stomach with my face pressed against the pillow, it could cause asymmetry. Please... READ MORE

Can I Use Fillers to Make my Lips More Symmetric?

I have naturally full lips and I overall like them.But,the right side of both my uper and lower lip is fuller than the left side.So my question is -... READ MORE

I Want my Face More Even and I Have a Slight Lazy We What Can I Do Would Fillers Work? (photo)

Hi j have sunken eyes and a lazy eye what would be best to make my face symmetrical Thanks READ MORE

Would a filler under the right eye only help make that eye a bit more almond shaped to match the left? (Photo)

I have a congenital droop on the left side of my face. I've had 2 upper Blephs on the left eye but the right eye is still much bigger and rounder. I... READ MORE

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