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Can Penile Girth Be Enhanced with HA Filler?

I have had Peyronie's Disease for 2+ years, w/ severe effects on my penile size & shape. I have lost ~3/4" of girth. I found a recent... READ MORE

What can be done about dark spots on nose bridge/root (next to eyes)? Filler? Blindness risk? (photos)

0.3ml of HA per side? The area was swollen following hair transplant, and it looked wonderful, no darkness. I’ve read that injecting HA there can be d... READ MORE

Face Lift or Filler for Jowls? (photo)

I have asked my question a few days ago.But I don't receive a reply.I am only 22 years old.But my face looks very old and tired.I have sagging... READ MORE

24 year old Asian with harsh nasolabial lines - options? (Photo)

Greetings Docs, 24 year old w very apparent nasolabial lines - I have very typical east Asian features - rounded face, button nose, minimal cheekbones... READ MORE

Drooping face, large nose in a half asian half european young female. Suggestions? Fillers? Buccal fat removal? (photo)

I am half asian by descent, and am in my late 20's. Since grade school I have had a larger nose, large bags under my eyes and drooping heavier lower... READ MORE

Filler suggestions for chin, cheek, nose and eye bag. I want to improve my appearance without surgical procedures.

I will be in California for a week between Aug 25-30 before heading back to China. I want to improve my overall appearance without surgical procedures... READ MORE

I'm seeking for the right doctor, that can help cure my tear trough permanently. I had my fat transfer done on September (Photo)

Unfortunately the fat transfer did not last. The doctor felt bad and recently injected juvederm on 10/18/14 and still not satisfied with the result.... READ MORE

40 Years Old, Asian: Treatment for Smile Wrinkle (Photo)

Hi, I'm 40 years old Asian. I have wrinkles under eyes when I smile. I tried botox under eyes with 5 different doctors but no luck. I'd like to try... READ MORE

Chin Injection for 25 y/o Asian girl? (photos)

I have a slight dental prostrusion, and I am considering braces this fall. Also I am very self-conscious with my chin and don't really have the funds... READ MORE

Want higher cheekbones: Where to inject the filler? (photos)

25, asian wide cheekbones but flat frontal cheeks. I want fuller front cheeks for the illusion of higher cheekbones. Where should the filler be... READ MORE

I'm 57 y/o and no longer like what I see in the mirror. My eyes look tired and my nasolabial folds have gotten deeper. (Photo)

I've been working out for the past 15 years. My nasolabial folds have gotten deeper and my jowls are sagging more now (although my neck is still... READ MORE

What's the best filler for nose injection after Asian Rhinoplasty ? Radiesse, Juvederm or Perlane?

Im 2 months postOp asian rhinoplasty¬ satisfied after this 3rd time revision nose. Before last revision,i experienced using restylane+perlane. DR ... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my upper eyelid lid more full? (photos)

I am half Caucasian and half Chinese. My eyes somewhat show my Asian heritage, but I'd like them to look more Asian. I am also looking into having... READ MORE

Can I achieve a slightly higher nose bridge and a softer look with fillers? (photos)

Hi,I am considering getting nose fillers (juvederm etc). I'm 25 year old Java Asian with ethnic nose features. My nose is wide with little nose bridge... READ MORE

Can nonsurgical procedures lengthen my eyes? (Photo)

Hi, I am planning on going through nonsurgical procedures (injectables) but was wondering if it was possible to lengthen my eyes. I am asian, 18 and... READ MORE

Fillers and implant for cheeks? (Photo)

Asian, 25 with flat cheeks but wide cheekbones. my goal is to have a more dimensional face since my facei so flat. does fillers has to be dissolved... READ MORE

Is there a large difference between Asian and Caucasian skin when it comes to fillers?

Would it be inadvisable for a Caucasian to go to a plastic surgery clinic in Tokyo for filler injections? I'm afraid my skin may be different than... READ MORE

Can Fillers Be Used for Forehead Augmentation?

Inasia, forehead augmentation is a fairly common procedure. I've included a picture of what the results are generally like below (I'm Asian, just to... READ MORE

How Effective is Placenta and Gluthathione IV for Anti-Aging?

Im asian and I heard its popular in japan. I m only 30 and still look 23 but I want to rejevenate my skin. I have a slight tan and it would be nicer... READ MORE

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