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How Many Syringes of Dermal Filler is Too Many for One Appointment?

I have been doing my research. On the restylane site, they suggest no more than a certain amount of product per appointment. Also, I have heard too... READ MORE

How Much Filler Can You Have Injected in One Sitting?

I heard of the chances of "skin necrosis" and to minimize this you would inject little bits in a series of sessions. Is this what most... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for nasolabial fold? (marionette lines) and how many syringes am I going to need? (photo)

I have gone through a tough acne (which i still occasionally have), and lost volume in my lower cheeks, i feel like my face dropped on one side more... READ MORE

What kind of filler and how much needed to restore volume in face? (Photo)

In the past two years, I have lost a considerable amount of volume in my face. The left picture is me before losing 10 pounds and the picture on the... READ MORE

PMMA filler for Jaw Augmentation? (Photo)

I had Radiesse for my jawline .75ml each side to give me a stronger jaw, it lasted around two years and I really liked the result. I want repeat the... READ MORE

Cheek fillers - yes or no? How many ml? (Photo)

Hi I have had my nasal folds done but still feel like my face is ageing around my mouth cheeks I am only 30 and do not want to look like I have had... READ MORE

Dermal filler - how many ml?

So i have finally decided to go for dermal filler.i visited my surgeon he suggested me to fill 1 ml of would be Great if someone can please... READ MORE

Lip Fillers - how many syringes would I need to get a drastic change? (Photo)

I already have quite plump limps but I'm looking for something a lot bigger, how many syringes of filler would I need to get a drastic change? I'm not... READ MORE

How many syringes of filler would I need? (Photo)

My eyes have creases under them. I look so tired all the time. I'm 24. READ MORE

What is the best filler and amount for a really small enhacement of the cheeks? (Photo)

I just want them just a litlle fuller since im only 25 and already have good cheek volume, doesnt matter how long they last, thank you READ MORE

Follow up: Clarify my earlier question regarding safety with dermal fillers. How many can be injected at one time?

How many hyaluronic fillers such as juvederm, perlane or voluma can be injected at one time? How many Radiesse, Sculptura or Bellafill can be injected... READ MORE

How much filler would I need to get a noticeable difference in my lips? (Photo)

Okay so I like my lips but always wanted more volume... I feel like my chin is too long and i have an annoying horizontal indent under my mouth i feel... READ MORE

Best filler/quantity for a natural but refreshed look? I'm 40 and looking for the best solution to smooth out my NFs? (photo)

Do I also need more volume in my cheeks? Do I need fillers or can I obtain a smoothing effect from columns in the cheeks? How many syringes would I... READ MORE

How many syringes of lip filler would be appropriate to make my lips appear fuller but still natural? (Photo)

I’m looking to get lip fillers but was curious about how many syringes would be appropriate on my lips to make them fuller but still look natural. I... READ MORE

What would be the best lip filler strategy for my lips? (Photo)

1/2 syringe? Any brands of lip filler you would recommend? I have asymmetrical lips and would like to correct it. As well as plump them up a bit. READ MORE

How Many Injections Result from One Syringe of Dermal Filler?

I know this differs due to the injection methods for the cheeks, lips, tear troughs, etc. However, on many injections will it take... READ MORE

Is 2ml lip filler too much? (Photo)

Last October I had 1.5ml juverderm in my lips. However last night I had 2ml and they look so swollen! Is 2ml too much? Did I go over board? I just... READ MORE

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