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What is the best treatment for my pronounced accordian lines that occur when I smile?

I have had cheek implants and have had filler injected into my temples. While I have lovely high cheekbones and a wrinkle free face, I can't seem to... READ MORE

Face Lift or Filler for Jowls? (photo)

I have asked my question a few days ago.But I don't receive a reply.I am only 22 years old.But my face looks very old and tired.I have sagging... READ MORE

I have a deep nasolabial fold on the right side of the face. What's the best permanent treatment, apart from fillers? (Photo)

I went to see a plastic surgeon who did hyaluronic acid injection which hasn't made any difference but worsened the look as now my cheek looks like I... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Alternative for Lips and Under Eye Hollows

I have reacted to restylane in my lips resulting in several lumps which can be felt inside my lip (injected 5 months ago the lumps were instant). I am... READ MORE

I Am 39 Years Old and Would Like to Look More Refreshed

I would like my facial skin to look tighter. I loved the results from botox on my forehead and around my eyes, but I had bad flu like symptoms and... READ MORE

I Was Told Radiesse Is Not For Me Yet, What Do You Suggest as an Alternative?

Hi again, I am 28 years old. one doctor told me that my folds are not too deep yet to get radiesse and that I don't have the deep loss of volume... READ MORE

Would a Type A Protien Treatment, Botox or Dysport Cause an Allergic Reaction?

I have had enviromental allergies (mold, trees, grass, pollen, animal danger etc) rather seriously since I was born. I now receive a month XOLAIR... READ MORE

What are my alternatives for adding volume to my face that will last?

Hi, I’m in my mid 50’s and have lost volume in my face. I’m a slim woman so I guess this normal for some one of my age My question is what are my al... READ MORE

Is Polyacrylamide Hydrogel a Good Option for Nasolabial Folds and Hollow Cheeks and Eyes?

I am searching what's best for my nasolabial fold,hollow cheeks,and hollow in lower eye area. I have read about polyacrylamide hydrogel injection... READ MORE

Alternative to dermal fillers for nasolabial and "marionette" lines? History of anaphylaxis (Photo)

I am a 40-something woman with a history of anaphylaxis. I have tolerated (and benefited from): IPL photofacials, Fraxel and derma-rolling and had... READ MORE

I Have Dents in my Cheeks That Wont Seem to Fill with Juvederm? (photo)

I have pronouced dents in my cheek area also some pigmentation around the dent which emphasises the problem i have tried juvederm twice but each time... READ MORE

Injectables have not worked. What other procedures can you suggest?

I have tried Juvederm and Radiesse. When first injected, I look great. In a day or two I have the bruises ( which is expected) and am left with the... READ MORE

Bothered by smile lines/dermatologist said nothing could be done. Is that right? (Photo)

I am 30 years old & have noticed within the past year a few animation lines form around my mouth every time I smile. It is very bothersome to me &... READ MORE

Can you recommend facelift options in place of fillers? (Photo)

I am curious about some sort of face lift to fix Nasolabial folds caused by fat loss or volume loss in the face. Ive considered fillers, but they are... READ MORE

Facial rejuvenation recommendations for 44 yo? (Photo)

I'm trying this again with different photo angles. I feel I look older than I should but I'm not sure what the best direction is. A facelift is... READ MORE

Best budget friendly choice for facial firming & tightening? (Photo)

I'm 35 and I've recently gotten lean. I have nasolabial folds and some slight down turning in the corners of my mouth. Also, my top lip has thinned... READ MORE

Nose Job, Chin, Fillers? Not Sure What Will Correct the Balance of my Face, Options? (photo)

I'm 27 & 3 yrs ago I lost a bunch of extra weight. Now I see a very different face & things look a bit unbalanced. Would changing my nose... READ MORE

Paranasal Hypertrophy- What Are My Options?

I have recently had a lovely face and neck lift but due to aging, I am experiencing bone resorption in my maxilla causing a sunken look at the base of... READ MORE

Any suggestions for over fill of smokers line? (photos)

Should I get it taken out or will it settle. I have 4 days ago had filler to smokers lines around mouth. I have had it once before using refine and... READ MORE

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