Age 65-74 + Injectable Fillers

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It is worth a 66 year old woman having a filler?

It is worth to have filler for a 66 year old woman READ MORE

Need options for quick fixes for 68 year old woman's face.

My mom is 68. Blessed with amazing skin but also because of flawless skin for so long she failed to prevent & take care. My niece's passing also put a... READ MORE

I am 68 years old and for years I've had those marionette lines from the corner of mouth going down to jaw. Any suggestions?

These lines really age me. Any advice would be appreciated. I live in Wisconsin. . I tried restilin (sp) fat one other thing. Everything that lumpy is... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for new wrinkles & pouches that recently appeared & worsened under & around my eyes at age 69? (Photo)

Under/around eye wrinkles,pouches, & droopy upper lids all worsened "overnight" at age 69 - what can help, reliably & safely? I've had no previous... READ MORE

Are there any cost-effective, non-invasive solutions to make me look more youthful? (Photo)

I am a 70 year old woman with significant volume loss to my face and deep set lines and wrinkles. My current appearance has really affected my self... READ MORE

What is safest and best for filling cheek volume in male, age 68?

What is best for filling cheek volume in male, age 68? Sculptra, radiesse, restylene. What are costs? Who is most skilled, a dermatologist, plastic... READ MORE

Botox, or other "filler type injections? Turkey neck, any non-invasive options? I'm a 68-year-old male. (Photo)

The photo below is representative of my problem. The lines from the mouth that extend downward. Also the lines surrounding the nose that extend... READ MORE

Doctor wants to do injections under eyes. I'm 65, should I have this done?

Already had a facelift and had undereye surgery that does not look well at all. My new plastic surgeon said too much was pulled up from under my eyes.... READ MORE

Non-invasive fix for jowels post FL surgery two years ago.

I had a facelift, etc. in 2015 at the age of 70. I am so disappointed with the jowls which was one of the main things I wanted fixed. I'd say my jaw... READ MORE

Is there a certain age when facial fillers are no longer recommended?

Are facial fillers less effective on mature skin (60s, 70s)? READ MORE

Is there a doctor in Columbus, Ohio that can fix my festoons?

Sorry I don't have any photos but I did have a lower I lift and said that would work that cost me a few thousand PLEASE help me I am 68 years old READ MORE

Lips revision needed. (photo)

I live in deerfield beach florida i am 69, i had polymer injected in my lips about 15 years ago my lips look acceptable when i don't move my face as... READ MORE

Facial Volumization. Is future gene the answer?

I'm 68, 5'11", 125 lbs, ex-runner and in great health. No visible fat, just loose skin around my waist. Therefore I tend to rule out Fat Grafting to... READ MORE

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