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Tear troughs - should I get fillers, or can anything be done? (photos)

Hi, I'm 22 and have had noticeable tear troughs since I was 18, at least. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to diminish them without... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rid of These Dimples/cheek Dents? (photo)

I'm a girl and am almost 18 years old. have deep dimples or dents under my eyes and along the side of my face. (My left side is much less deep than my... READ MORE

Fillers and Fat Injection for Hollow Under Eyes of 19 Year Old?

I am 19 years old. I have hollow under eyes which bother me! They make me look older and tired all of the time. I have heard of Fat injections and... READ MORE

19 year old female - Best option for hollow under eye tear troughs? (photos)

Hi, I am a nineteen year old female and have pretty severe tear trough hollows. I've been masking this pretty much my entire life and I'm sick of... READ MORE

Procedure for Nasolabial Folds After Weight Loss?

Hi, I'm a male in my 20's. I was obese and lately I lost some weight and I've noticed my nasolabial folds are more noticeable now and they make me... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old with deep nasolabial folds on the right side of the face: What is the possible permanent solution? (Photo)

I went to one plastic surgeon who injected hyaluronic acid which didn't improve a fold at all just made it look worse as now it looks like I got a... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds and mouth corners turning at 24. Will facial exercises or losing weight or facial fillers help? (photo)

Hi I am 24 yrs old & since the past one year I rapidly gained 40lbs from bc pills. How I have all these NL folds and curved mouth corners that make me... READ MORE

21 Year Old Model, Which Facial Filler is Best for my Situation? (photo)

I have been modeling since I was 13 however I took a two year break at 18 and gained some weight, now I lost the weight (about 15lbs) and am 21 years... READ MORE

Why do I have nasolabial folds at 19 years old and what should I do about them?

I know that you are not supposed to get them when you are this young. and no it cannot be from sun exposure because it's pretty minimal during the... READ MORE

Are my marionette lines a result of volume loss in cheeks? (Photo)

I'm only 18, but the corners of my mouth really turn down and it's getting worse as I've gotten older. I also have slight nasolabial folds. Would this... READ MORE

Cost, longevity, and consequences of using fillers for a weak chin?

I am a 19 year old female with a weak chin. I do not want a chin implant at this time because I am young and do not want something permanent in case I... READ MORE

What is the Best Solution for Marionette Lines Caused by Too Heavy Cheeks and Weak Chin?

I am 24 year old actress and I have beginning marionette lines caused by chubby lower cheeks. I think my "cheekbone" area is projecting less... READ MORE

Recommended Filler for Dennie-morgan Lines on a 24 Year Old?

I am 24 and have creases under my eyes. They are from allergies, and are called 'dennie-morgan lines'. They seem to be worse dependent on what part of... READ MORE

Advice on nasolabial folds/smile lines please for a 20 year old (Photo)

I know that there are so many factors that cause them,i am blaming genetics.. or could there possibly be something wrong w me that its happening to me... READ MORE

What happens with your lips after years of lip fillers?

Hello! So I'm thinking about lip fillers since it's been an insecurity for all of my life. I have pretty thin lips and I'd like to make them fuller... READ MORE

Will Fillers Help Festoons Under the Eyes?

I am only 20 years old yet I have the same festoons under my eyes; just like dad and my grandfather. I have heavy sagging under my eyes, and a crease... READ MORE

I'm not sure what I should do about my protruding mouth area and hollowing of my mid face. Any suggestions? (photo)

I I have been noticing since the past year that my mouth area seems to protrude. It also seems that my mid face area is hollowing and I'm only 24! I... READ MORE

How do I get rid of lines under my eyes when I'm smiling? (Photo)

Ever since I was little I've had these lines underneath my eyes when I'm smile. It's really embarrassing because I'm only 22 and they make me look a... READ MORE

I'm 22 and my skin is sagging. What can I do? I really want to avoid surgical treatments (Photo)

I'mm 22 and my skin is sagging. I have huge smile lines, wrinkles in my forehead and saggy cheeks. I don't smoke and I use sunscreen however I'm... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Correcting Uneven Smile Lines, Nasolabial Folds and Smile Lines (Age 23)? (photo)

I am 23 and I have noticed that the fat in my face has kind of slunk down one side of it. Half of my face looks good, but the other half is droopy.... READ MORE

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