Acne Scars + Injectable Fillers

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It is Possible to Remover Dermal Fillers with Surgery?

Almost 7 years ago I went to a cosmiatry in my country. I was concerned because I have scarring in my face due to acne and severe chicken pox. She... READ MORE

4 Days Post Dermal Filler and Still Distinct Swelling in Smile Lines and Acne Scars- Done by Board Certified Doctor?

I'm only 22 but had developed a fine smile line and some creases when I smiled - I got these filled 4 days ago and I'm absolutely freaking out now. I... READ MORE

Facial Fillers for Acne Scars

Can you use facial fillers to decrease the appearance of acne scars? READ MORE

25 years old, had severe acne on chin for years. What would you recommend I do about crinkled, loose, scarred chin? (Photo)

I'm 25 years old. I just finished 5 months of Accutane. I've had severe acne on my chin for 8 years. I've never had injections/anything done to my... READ MORE

What is the longest lasting filler for acne scars? (photo)

Juvederm ultra plus "Voluma" is it a good choise for small hollow causing by acne kiss in derm, 1 seringe; $600; 12-18 months.In 1994 i had collagene... READ MORE

Should I try a filler for this excision acne scar? (Photo)

Hi I had two acne scars excsicioned without much improvement. They are still deep scars that in bad lighting look awful . They are more symmetrical. I... READ MORE

If I have an allergy to numbing cream, will I have an allergic reaction to dermal fillers?

Each time the cream is applied, I get strange sensations through my body and my entire face immediately turns bright red (before the actual treatment)... READ MORE

Are HA fillers any sort of possibility for someone with severe food allergies?

I have acne scarring that I'd like to be rid of (if only for 6-8 months at a time). After failing with other treatments, I'd like to pursue fillers... READ MORE

I'm 39 yrs old and I thought I had acne scaring but it looks like marionette lines. I'm really self conscious permanent filler.

Hi I am 39 yrs old and I thought I had acne scaring but it looks like Marriot lines am really self conciouse of this and I think a permant filler... READ MORE

I've had 2 rounds of laser treatment. Will fillers help for remaining scars? (Photo)

I've had two rounds of ablative laser treatment for acne scars . I still have some noticeable scars left on one cheek even though I have had... READ MORE

Can you get fillers while on antibiotics for acne?

I have scars from past cystic acne, which has returned. I want to go on antibiotics for it but am also looking to get fillers to plump up my scars... READ MORE

What Is the Best Permanent Filler for Correcting Skin Depressed Acne Scars and Sunken Eye and Cheek?

My face skin is affected by acne depressed scars which has not been responded well to routine dermatological treatments such as TCA peel, fractional... READ MORE

Massage After Hyaluronic Acid Injection?

Hello everyone. I just had a hyaluronic acid injection for treating atrophic acne scars. Now, the injection sides are pretty swollen. My doctor didn't... READ MORE

I have used a PMMS/HA filler to treat acne scars. Any suggestions?

My skin now feels lumpy two months later and I have a large multinucleate bump/granuloma on my right cheekbone. It was an Acquafiller product. Can you... READ MORE

Is it safe to use derma filler for an indented acne scar on the side of the nose? (photos)

I have a depressed acne scar on the side of my nose. Is it safe to use dermal fillers in this area? If so, is there a recommended filler for this type... READ MORE

Could you help me to choose a good filler regarding my acne scars? (photo)

My situation is about aftereffect of several acne kiss which broke collagene structure on derm. i need filler for give volume into the little 3 hallow... READ MORE

Injectable fillers for shallow acne scars? (photos)

Looking for a doctor in the New York area that is experienced with performing injectable fillers on shallow acne scars (without overfilling) to smooth... READ MORE

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