Absorption + Injectable Fillers

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Does Injecting the Cheeks with 2-4 Vials of Fillers Cause Skin Sagging and Volume Loss Once the Material is Reabsorbed?

I would like more volume in the cheeks but I don't want to create a filler-dependence, meaning that once I create that volume, in a few months I will... READ MORE

I developed lymphedema after dermal fillers and hyaluronidase. Will this prevent reabsorption of juvederm/sculptra? (photo)

I've had intermittent swelling for two years. Do any doctors specialize in lymphedema in fl? I am under bmi but now have the face of an obese woman READ MORE

Can a filler injected into the nose that is supposed to last 8-12 months get absorbed in just a few weeks?

A month ago my surgeon injected a filler to even out the irregularities on my nose (after two rhinoplasties). I don't want another rhinoplasty but I... READ MORE

Is It Permitted To Mix Not Absorbed Injectable Skin Materials with Restylene or Ziderm?

A doctor has firstly injected to my face silicone or artecoll this is not clear,and then after on it he procced on injections of ziderm and restylane... READ MORE

Adding more HA dermal filler on top of exsisting filler?

I kno it's common to have touch up/top offs before exsisting HA filler is completely re absorbed. But when getting a touch up is it ok to inject the... READ MORE

Is it ok to have derma fillers AKA hyaluronic acids in conjunction with hyperbaric chamber treatment &/or scuba diving?

Would/could it spread to unwanted areas? Could it be faster absorbed into the body? Is there a waiting period before it's ok to use the hyperbaric... READ MORE

Can Aqualift Filler Be Absorbed by Body?

Hydrophilic gel aqualift is (0.9 % sodium chloride) solution locked in a matrix of three-dimensional cell of a complex synthetic polymer with amide... READ MORE

Can the Body Absorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection

Can the Body Obsorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection READ MORE

Facial fillers and PanG treatments

I had Voluma placed in my cheeks a month ago - great lift for a week then, as the doc put it, my face seemed to have "absorbed" it -- not a great... READ MORE

Cheek filler absorbed in 2 months, was told it would last 2 years

I had filler injections in my cheeks. They looked great and made my skin a bit more oily around the filler zones. After 2 months I got a cold and had... READ MORE

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