Absorption + Injectable Fillers

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Does Injecting the Cheeks with 2-4 Vials of Fillers Cause Skin Sagging and Volume Loss Once the Material is Reabsorbed?

I would like more volume in the cheeks but I don't want to create a filler-dependence, meaning that once I create that volume, in a few months I will... READ MORE

I developed lymphedema after dermal fillers and hyaluronidase. Will this prevent reabsorption of juvederm/sculptra? (photo)

I've had intermittent swelling for two years. Do any doctors specialize in lymphedema in fl? I am under bmi but now have the face of an obese woman READ MORE

Is It Permitted To Mix Not Absorbed Injectable Skin Materials with Restylene or Ziderm?

A doctor has firstly injected to my face silicone or artecoll this is not clear,and then after on it he procced on injections of ziderm and restylane... READ MORE

Can a filler injected into the nose that is supposed to last 8-12 months get absorbed in just a few weeks?

A month ago my surgeon injected a filler to even out the irregularities on my nose (after two rhinoplasties). I don't want another rhinoplasty but I... READ MORE

Adding more HA dermal filler on top of exsisting filler?

I kno it's common to have touch up/top offs before exsisting HA filler is completely re absorbed. But when getting a touch up is it ok to inject the... READ MORE

Is it ok to have derma fillers AKA hyaluronic acids in conjunction with hyperbaric chamber treatment &/or scuba diving?

Would/could it spread to unwanted areas? Could it be faster absorbed into the body? Is there a waiting period before it's ok to use the hyperbaric... READ MORE

Can Aqualift Filler Be Absorbed by Body?

Hydrophilic gel aqualift is (0.9 % sodium chloride) solution locked in a matrix of three-dimensional cell of a complex synthetic polymer with amide... READ MORE

Can the Body Absorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection

Can the Body Obsorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection READ MORE

Facial fillers and PanG treatments

I had Voluma placed in my cheeks a month ago - great lift for a week then, as the doc put it, my face seemed to have "absorbed" it -- not a great... READ MORE

Cheek filler absorbed in 2 months, was told it would last 2 years

I had filler injections in my cheeks. They looked great and made my skin a bit more oily around the filler zones. After 2 months I got a cold and had... READ MORE

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