6 Months Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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How Can I Dissolve the Filler in my Nose Quickly?

I had 3 nose injections 4 months apart because i wasn't happy with the results, and now my nose is not symmetrical. one side has more filler than... READ MORE

My mom had side effect to dermal filler. Any suggestions on what to do? (photos)

It has been done 6 months ago and stilk look like thus after having antibiotics an cortizone injection.So deperate what should we do? READ MORE

What amount of time do you recommend between dissolving fillers and getting a peel?

Hello, I have had a hard 6 months with filler under the eyes (had it dissolved, but left lumpy and saggy so had ulthera and fractional co2 w/more... READ MORE

Is this swelling caused by my injectible fillers Radiesse (Dec 2012) or Perlane (Oct 2013). (photo)

This is recent swelling as of the past month under one eye. Saw my dermatologist just this week as I had been out of country when it started, she put... READ MORE

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction 6 months after azzalure injection?

Right eye became very swollen in April treated with steroid ointment it reduced but left with bags under both eyes. No improvement. I think it's... READ MORE

Why has my lip filler doubled in size on one side of my lips when I have had it done over 6 months? (Photo)

Could you help me please I have had my lips done over 6 months ago and I woke up today to one side doh me in size and the filler is really hard and... READ MORE

I put temporary fillers on my checks 6 months ago. I woke up with my cheek filler swollen. Is that normal? (photo)

Filler stays longer than usual in my body, I have a flu now, and I woke my right cheek is swollen and the filler part hurts, is that normal? What... READ MORE

Treatment options for furrow "11" wrinkle lines for someone possibly immune to botox and afraid of filler complications? (photo)

I have two shallow-ish but wide furrow lines that are visible at rest. 6 months ago, I was treated with 30 units of botox with absolutely no effect on... READ MORE

Filler migration from forehead to eyes? How to fix it?

It's been half a year since my injection my eye has not returned completely to before yet, in certain angle I can still see swollen, and I feel I... READ MORE

What lasts longer; a filler or fat grafting and what is more price efficient?

I've had a lip filler about 6 months ago it was regular Juvederm and one Voluma on the cheeks and under eye. I loved the results but I feel like it... READ MORE

Hardness and Bulge in Cheek 6 Months After Voluma?

I had voluma in cheeks 6 months ago. One cheek immediately reacted for approx 6 weeks - pain, slight swelling, hardness, in part of that cheek. At 6... READ MORE

Can redness from filler fade if the filler is removed?

6 months ago I had filler injected into my nose. A few hours later about 7 pustules formed on my nose (not at the injection site) and my nose was... READ MORE

Why my bruises won't go away? (Photo)

Hello, I had dermal fillers six month ago on the part of the face i've marked in the picture, because it has been sunken. After six months the bruises... READ MORE

I got a filler placed in my nose as I had a slight dent in it from an injury. Within hours small bumps with puss appeared. Why?

These bumps looked similar to white heads. My nose was red also and within 2 weeks the bumps dissappeared but the redness has stayed with no... READ MORE

If I cannot dissolve Voluma with Vitrase, shall I try Kenalog 5-FU?

I got voluma injected 6 months ago, despite multiple vitrase injections, i cannot get rid of all of it. got rid of some, but it is pretty much steady... READ MORE

How significant can fillers change your appearance? (Photos)

I am 18 and very unhappy with round fat face. I had a chin implant about 6 months ago results were terrible I literally don't see a difference... READ MORE

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