5 Years Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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Noticing Lump After Surgical Excision of Tear Trough Filler, Am I Experiencing a Complication? is This Normal? (photo)

Five years ago i had under eye fillers, which formed little hard lumps in my right tear trough,after unsuccessful Hyaluronidase attempts to dissolve... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid filler under eyes not dissolved after 5 years. Is there any hope that it will dissolve naturally? (Photo)

The hyaluronic acid filler I had 5 years ago in the tear trough area was never absorbed and it eventually migrated forming a hard visible bump.... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Cosmetic Injection Lumps from Five Years Ago?

I had a filler injection done approximately 5 years ago. The person who inject me said it was ácido hialuronico y acido lactico ( Phiell g1) however ... READ MORE

Effect of filler. What is this? (Photo)

More than 5 years ago I got filler (forget what type) in my laugh lines and cheeks. As a result I have this bulging area on right side near laugh line... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Fully Remove Polyacrylamide from Lips? (photo)

Hi, I had polyacrylamide injected in my lips twice over 5 yrs, and i was told that the product used is semi-permanent and it will go away in 5 years..... READ MORE

5 years after unknown lip filler and I want it removed, can this be done? (photo)

5 years ago I had a substance that the injector told me was generic hyaluronic acid. She injected 3 cc in upper and lower lip. (she was not a Doctor)... READ MORE

Collagen Injected Superficially in the Face Causing a Lump After 5 Years, Will I Need Surgery?

5 years ago i had a collagen injection to add cheek volume and it caused an apparent lump in my cheek. I used steroid injection but it did not make... READ MORE

Alternative for Vitiligo on lips.

Vitiligo on lips and surgery details I am 21 years(female) i got vitiligo 5 yrs back and the spread of patches stopped 2-3 yrs back & some are cured... READ MORE

Can hyaluronic acid stay more than 5 years and become part of a natural tissue? (Photo)

I had a filler injection in my cheek five years a go and I tried every possible thing to remove it and it is very lumpy ,it was suppose to be... READ MORE

Im 44 Turning 45 and Contemplating Mini Face Lift or Mid Face Lift?

I have had fillers in cheeks already and also in nasal areas near nose over the past 5 years   Original question:  I find that I have... READ MORE

I had under eye filler 5 years ago and have been having problems ever since. How can I reduce the lumps?

I went back 4 times for hyaluronidase it did not work 3 years ago and still not working now Why hasn't the hyaluronidase worked at all Is there... READ MORE

Unauthorized filler injection - lasting into its fifth year now. questions!

I can tell my whole face has been injected with some sort of dermal filler from 5 years ago but how can I know what kind? Can cultures be gathered for... READ MORE

Can I get rid of puffiness and discoloration under the eye? (Photo)

I had a filler injected about five years ago. I have noticed discolouration and puffiness since. The skin is actually drooping and, if a probe is... READ MORE

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