3 Years Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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How Long Does a Permanent Filler Last in the Tear Troughs?

I had my tear troughs injected with a filler for 3 years now. It looked great the first 18 months but now it lumped out. My doctor is insisting that... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Fillers 3 Years on ?

I had fillers for nose to mouth lines 3 years ago and there is some still left is this normal /could i have remaining dissolved as they look uneven now. READ MORE

Is the amalian 11 expert product considered as a hyaluronic acid? Can it be removed by hyalurondaise or should I go for surgery?

I've been injected by a product named natural face contour 3 years ago! And i've been told that its is the same as the new amalian 11 expert product... READ MORE

Bumps three years after Hyaluronic acid injection! What can be done?

I got hyaluronic acid injections on the nasolabial folds three years ago and I still have a visible lump on one side. I saw a little lump right after... READ MORE

Can I use a filler to make a chin implant look more natural? (Photos)

I had a chin implant about three years ago. I wanted to be very conservative as I was nervous so the surgeon implanted a very small piece. I don't... READ MORE

Is it safe to have filler after laser damage?

Is it safe to use hyaluronic acid fillers after laser treatments that's caused damage 3 years ago causing damage to cells and elastin? Would the skin... READ MORE

My cheek filler is expanding, what can I do?

Hi. I had filler in my cheeks (high part and the balls) about 3 years ago and it's like it keeps growing and growing, my face looks distorted and my... READ MORE

Can I replace a three year chin implant with fillers?

I've had a chin implant for 3 years. It was placed incorrectly and my face is slightly heavier on the left so it looks asymmetrical. I want it removed... READ MORE

Scar Tissue in Lip Philtrum Area. Can Bromelain or 5-FU Help to Dissolve This?

I have some fortelis and teosyal kiss (2 vials - too much) injected in my lips 3 years ago. I'm not sure if what I have left over in the philtrum... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds troubles (photos)

Thank You in advance for your answers. I had nasolabial injection before 3 years ago 1 ml in each fold. Hialyronic acod Revanesse ultra, and after 3... READ MORE

Can fillers develop risks long after they have been injected? Is there a possibility that it never dissolves?

Had an injection in my lip at least 2-3 years ago, and its still there. weird enough, it appears full on certain occasions (when i just woke up, when... READ MORE

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