3 Weeks Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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Nerve damage after filler in cheeks?

I had filler in my cheeks 3 weeks ago. Minimal swelling after but 2 weeks later woke up with one swollen cheek. I took an oral antibiotic,which I'm... READ MORE

Had Septorhinoplasty, How Long Must I Wait Before Having Fillers in my Lip Lines?

I had septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, how long must I wait before having botok and fillers on the other areas of my face READ MORE

Is there a late side effect for hyaluronic acid? (Photo)

I was injected 3 weeks ago. I have redness and swallowing on the right nadolabial region for 2 days. Haw to treat this condition? READ MORE

Had lip injections 3 weeks ago, they are too big, is it possible to remove some of it? (photo)

Hi I did lips filler 3 weeks ago I wanna remove some of its so big and I have a skinny face is that possible to do injections off ? READ MORE

Is this normal for lip fillers? (Photos)

This week is the 3rd week after my lip fillers and they've gone lumpy I feel it more on the inside of my lip. They was fine until this week it's most... READ MORE

Can Filler Injection Cause Non-Localized Allergy-like symptoms?

I had HA injected into the tear troughs by an experienced plastic surgeon, 3 weeks ago. Everything went fine, I had zero swelling, zero bruising, and... READ MORE

Is this lip filler infected? (Photo)

I had my lips done with hyaluron filler(nor sure which one),3 weeks ago,and everything was fine.This morning i had swelling on right side of my lips... READ MORE

How long for filler to wear off? (Photo)

Hi I had filler in my nose to mouth and sides of my mouth 3 weeks ago one side is ok but the other is not the same its puffy and seems a bit lumpy... READ MORE

Teosyal kiss lips have gone lumpy and firm

Lips injected 3 weeks ago with teosyal puresense kiss, they were smooth and even post procedure. 10 days after they were swollen and asymmetrical,... READ MORE

When is the best time to dissolve your filler if you are not happy?

Hi I had filler injected three weeks ago in my cheeks and don't like the result, I have asymmetry and strange sensations in one cheek. When is the... READ MORE

Tear trough treatment with Redensity II

3 weeks ago I had redensity II tear trough fillers and now I have raised lines under my eyes that feel slightly hard and when I touch these lines.... READ MORE

Can a second round of fillers even out the lumps? (Photos)

I had hyaluronic acid flillers done on my lips around 3 weeks ago. I have lumps that are uneven that didn't go away. Can a second round of fillers... READ MORE

Is it possible to get another "brand" injected in the lips, once you have used one type for 2 years?

For 2 years now i got injected with Surgiderm 30 XP in my Lips and i would like to have a softer filler in there. I recently got them done about 3... READ MORE

Should I be really concerned about my fillers and what can I do to improve the unwanted results? (Photo)

I had fillers exactly 3 weeks ago. My skin seem to react to them feeling hot and sore and with dark purple bruising in all areas injected around my... READ MORE

Had fillers for my cheek dimples 3 weeks ago, there's no purple line marks. What can I do? (photos)

I had fillers as recommended on here for dimples on my cheek that remained when my face at rest and caused me distress . It's been 3weeks and it looks... READ MORE

Indent on cheek when I smile and one cheek is bigger than the other (like the smaller one) post filler (3 weeks) (Photo)

I have an indent on my cheek when I smile it looks like a fold of some sort. The other cheek is bigger, but the doctor put the same amount in each cheek. READ MORE

Irritation in my eye three weeks post tear trough filler. Inserted by experience doctor using cannula. Options?

I had filler under my eye three weeks ago. The left side has settled but right remains swollen with a feeling of  something being in my eye which... READ MORE

I'm 27 & had tear trough filler 3 weeks ago. While now less hollow, I now under eye wrinkles & crows feet when smiling.

The swelling is gone but the wrinkles aren't. I have plenty of high quality photos from just before the procedure which show that these weren't there... READ MORE

Puffy fillers? (Photos)

Hi I had fillers in my nose to mouth lines and some in the corner of my lips 3 weeks ago now one side is puffy, lumpy a lot more then the other side... READ MORE

Nose to mouth filler and side of the mouth (Photo)

Hi I had fillers 3 weeks ago one side is fine but the other side looks wired it is puffy and not evened out it looks lumpy what shall I do ?? READ MORE

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