3 Days Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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1 ml of Emervel Fillers in my lips & nasolabial folds made my jaw swollen. Any suggestions?

I had fillers put into my lips & nasolabial folds 3 days ago, after I left the clinic I noticed my jaw line was really swollen, I thought it would get... READ MORE

Dizziness After Fillers

I had this filler 3 days ago and now I have had some dizziness. Is this normal? READ MORE

Lumpy and very swollen on day 3 - is this normal? (Photo)

I recently had my lips filled with revanesse (Canadian product). I asked for a really settle natural look. I'm on day 3 and they still look very big... READ MORE

2x hard lumps after lip filler (Juvederm Volift) (Photo)

3 days P/O after Volift. During my Dr said I had a hematoma I remember blood running &him grabbing the area and pressing firmly, I asked him what... READ MORE

On my 3rd day of HA injection. Pain is unbearable and swelling is getting worse on bottom right lip. (Photo)

Tuesday@12 I had 2 syringes of HA put in my lips. The day of I had the norm pain, swelling and discomfort. I'm on day 3 since Thursday evening the... READ MORE

Is PMMA safe to inject into the face?

Hello, I had medical grade PMMA injected into my face 3 days ago and seem to be getting more swollen every day. I had it injected to create a more... READ MORE

I had a filler in my nasolabial folds and marionette lines 3 days ago. Can it be dissolved? (Photo)

I had a esthelis filler in my nasolabial folks and marionette lines three days ago, I need to have done some dental work, so I'll have to wait some... READ MORE

Lips injection swelling or final result? (photos)

Hello, I just had my lips injected ( hyaluronic acid ) 72 hours ago. My problem is that my upper lip is bigger than my lower lip. I have a bruise on... READ MORE

Injected hyaluronic acid serum in cheeks; been 3 days & I have 2 hard lumps. Can they be removed or are they permanent? (Photos)

I injected hyaluronic acid serum in my cheeks it's been 3 days and I have to hard lumps and my face is swollen I've taken antibiotics, and massaged my... READ MORE

Bumpy lips after lip fillers 3 days ago, will these issues subside? (photos)

I got lip fillers 3 days ago and I have noticed the inside of my lips are very bumpy after them. A lot of people have pointed this out and ask me... READ MORE

Filler in top lip only? And not very noticeable. (Photos)

I had filler in my lip for the first time 3 days ago. The doctor told me that she would use 1ml of filler and only a small mount of thay on my bottom... READ MORE

Can you get sick from filler in your chin area?

I recently got some filler in my chin area. I knew that there would be some swelling and maybe some bruising but it is it common to feel 3days later .... READ MORE

Got my fillers Monday and it's swollen still, am I able to work out tomorrow morning? (photo)

My doctors office is closed and I know she said I shouldn't work out that day and the following day but was wondering if tomorrow would be ok,... READ MORE

3 days after lip filler and one spot looks funny, is there a product that can help? (Photo)

I got my lips done 3 days ago and there is one spot that looks funny or different almost like there's a ball of product sitting there....will it go... READ MORE

Bumps After Filler, Help! What Do I Do Now (photo)?

I had microdroplet silicone filler inject to my cheeks, for my boxscar scars 3days ago (1cc for my cheeks). It was good and smooth on the day itself,... READ MORE

I got chin fillers 3 days ago, Will pressing and massaging chin filler move it around/reduce the lasting time?

I got chin fillers 3 days ago but I have a habit of touching and pressing on it. Will pressing and massaging chin filler move it around/reduce the... READ MORE

Undereye Selphyl Injections: Is extreme swelling normal after the first few days? (Photo)

Today is my third day since I had it done. They are still swollen and one eye especially more than the other. I was wondering with this procedure is... READ MORE

I had hyaluronic acid injections on my lips 3 days ago. I hate it. I want my old lips back. What should I do? (Photo)

I had hyalouronic acid injections on my lips 3 days ago.i hate it i want my old lips back,i also have a lump on my upper lip.i wanna go and have... READ MORE

I had injected collagen in my nose 3 days ago, my right eye was swelling until now? (Photo)

I'm afraid it might not comeback the same way as it is. Please help... READ MORE

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