2 Weeks Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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I Recently Had Filler, Two Weeks Later Open Wound at Injection Site, What Should I Do?

I had filler injected on my smile lines and two weeks later what started as a red lump turned into an open wound, it won't go away...suggestions? READ MORE

Why Are There a Few Small Bumps Under my Eyes After Stem-cells Being Injected?

12 days ago, I received a plastic surgeon using my own stem-cells in South Korea. The doctor injected the stem-cells around my eyes, and then I... READ MORE

I'm not happy with HA filler. What to do now as the doctor don't want to do anything? (photos)

Hi! I've done my lips for the second time now but it went wrong from the moment i walked out that door. I contacted my doctor, went back after a week... READ MORE

Can asymmetrical appearance after filler be corrected without removing all of the filler? (photos)

My left side looks more hollow than my right side when I do not smile. It's already 2 weeks. The Dr. who did it says it is swelling and should go... READ MORE

After lip filler injection my upper lip was uneven. What should I do?

I had filler in my upper lip about 13 days ago .  . Doctor put more filler on my right side as it had less Volume and naturally little droopy. .... READ MORE

I have an uneven and hard bumpy top lip after lip filler. Did the procedure go wrong? (Photo)

I got my top lip filled 2 weeks ago , one side has a dent and very uneven compared to the other side. The opposite side of the dent is hard and feels... READ MORE

I just got 1cc lip injection and it already looks like nothing happened? (Photo)

I got 1cc of a hylauric acid based lip injection ( I'm sure it was juvederm) almost 2 weeks ago and they were perfect at first, now they look as if... READ MORE

I had filler injected 2 weeks ago and I still have a lump under my eye. What can I do?

It looks like I've been punched and bruised and the whole process just made me look older and constantly tired. Also there's a light, fatty line above... READ MORE

I had fillers two weeks ago to get rid of my scowl mouth. Should I get more fillers or Botox to get rid of angry look? (photo)

Hi I had fillers two weeks ago to get rid of scowly mouth. I do look a bit less angry but I wanted to know if I should get more fillers or Botox to... READ MORE

Keep getting fillers to fix drawn In and hollow cheeks but after 2 weeks the problem comes back even worse? (Photo)

After getting liquid facelift 2 weeks ago and many fillers every couple months my cheeks go back to being drawn in and sunken, not a good look after... READ MORE

Bruising or poorly injected? (Photos)

I had restalayne silk injected 14 days ago in top and bottom lip. Too lip has two bluish whitish bumps that look terrible. I went back to the clinic... READ MORE

Help! Had filler injected in my lips 2 weeks ago and still have lumps! (Photo)

I had filler injected in my lips 2 weeks ago now by a beautician and now I have lumps on my philtrum, I'm worried that they won't go? Are they... READ MORE

Eye bags and bumps 14 days after Hyaluronic acid injection under eyes? (photo)

I had hyaluronic acid under my eyes 14 days ago. During the first days I had a lot of swelling and NO bags. One week after, my bags were back and I... READ MORE

Hard lump immediately after dermal filler?

I had an injection of HA dermal filler two weeks ago. On injection, the area immediately swelled up and went hard, much more so than the filler than... READ MORE

Is it normal to have to get multiple lip fillers instead of a one time treatment? (Photo)

I had lip filler done for the first time 2 weeks ago & now that the swelling has gone down, my top lip is bigger than my bottom lip. Prior to... READ MORE

Dark Spots on Cheek After Fillerinjection Followed by Massage. Will It Fade?

I was injected with fillers in my cheeks about 14 days ago and I wasn't satisfied with the result and started to massage (because my doctor told me to... READ MORE

Uneven cheeks and unnatural smile after filler.

I have had some fillers in my cheeks 0.5cc with more on my right side. I had it done 2 weeks ago one cheek is lower and when I smile I resemble a... READ MORE

How to fix the asymmetry for under eye fillers? (Photo)

I got fillers done for tear trough and had minimal bruising and swelling. But the left eye results are not same as the right eye one. Do you think I... READ MORE

I take Methotrexate for Rheumatoid Arthritis could that affect my Lip Filler?

I was happy with the results after the swelling went down (about 4 days) But now 2weeks later feel my lips look like they did before the filler READ MORE

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