2 Days Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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2 days post op, I got aqua filler injected into my chin and it is still swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

I got pmma or aqua filler injected into my chin area, it has been 2 days since the injection and my chin area is still swollen is this... READ MORE

I Had Hyaluronic Acid in NL Folds Two Days Ago, but Now Appear Worse on One Side? (photo)

I had hyaluronic acid injected in NL folds two days ago. The results looked great after I left, but two days later one side seems worse. Almost more... READ MORE

When Will I See Results from Juvederm and Botox?

I had juverderm at my nasalabeal folds and 35 units botox around my eye and furrow areas. It's been 2 days I don't see difference READ MORE

hyaluron in lips shifted through kissing?

2 days ago , I had my lips filled with hylaruon, All went well , it looked bigger a few hours before I met my boyfriend after kissing it looks my... READ MORE

Lipofiling under my eyes didn't work. Can I use fillers in this part? I had a lipofiling two days ago.

I had a lipofling under my eyes 2days ago. My cheeks, chin and eyebrow part looks now firmer and full. But the part under my eyes looks still hallow... READ MORE

Why do doctors put more lip filler in the upper lip than in the bottom lip? (Photo)

Hi I just had lip injections 2 days ago. My question is why do they put 2/3 in the upper lip and 1/3 of the filler in the bottom lip? I was told this... READ MORE

Please tell me if my lips will go down and if they look symmetrical. Day two after injections and stressing! (Photos)

I had lip injections done yesterday. I specifically asked for a natural look. Everyone is really weirded out who sees it. I feel like they are... READ MORE

How can I achieve the same look I get when my lips are swollen during the first 48 hours of filler?

I got .55ml syringe of Volbella for the first time in the body of my lips. I like the way my lips looked when they were swollen for the first 48 hours... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a little bump after having dermal fillers in your lips?

It has been two days since I have the 1ml injection of dermal filler and I still have a slight bump in my top lip. READ MORE

Tense cheek after hyaluronic acid filler injection?

I had hyaluronic acid filler injection 2 days ago, which was injected in one cheek due to trauma induced depression of the cheek. I still feel my... READ MORE

Could Too Much Dermafill in One Area Cause Side Effects?

In my forehead and the area in between my eyebrows, I was injected Dermafill, and it looks puffy still after 2 days. Is this normal? Could this be a... READ MORE

I Am Bulimic, Will Purging Affect Fillers Under my Eyes?

Hi, unfortunately im a bulimic.....2 days ago I had fillers done in my lower eye lids. im wondering if making myself sick daily will it effect the... READ MORE

Lumps from Filler in Chin?

I had hyaluronic filler 2 days ago one side of the chin is lumpy and red. I have read all the questions on here about fillers and lumps and all the... READ MORE

Lump in cheek after filler

I got a cheek lift with 1ml of ultra deep.My injector used cannula in 1side but the other side was too tough so regular injection was used.The side... READ MORE

2 days post op, Lip fillers gone? (photos)

I had lip fillers two days ago and the swelling has already gone down but my lips are back to the same size they were before the fillers!! What can I do? READ MORE

On Wed the surgeon who did my upper eyelid surgery dissolved overfilled tear troughs. Now 2 days later horrible bruising (Photo)

Over on eye and much more hollowness than other. Is this normal? I am very upset as I have spent so much money already which I'm happy to do to get a... READ MORE

Lip filler. Will this look stay? (Photo)

I've had my lips done and it sticks out at the sides make ing me look like a duck. It's been 2 days will this look stay? Or will my top lip go back to... READ MORE

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