11s + Injectable Fillers

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Effective Treatment for Frown Line - Filler or Botox

I am only in my early 30s and rest of my face is wrinkle free, but the frown line between my eyebrows are so deep. These are not two lines, they look... READ MORE

Will Injections in Just my Corrugator Muscles for 11s Deepen my Forehead Horizontal Lines?

I don't have the 11s at rest, just when i squint but i do have 2 mild horizontal lines on forehead at rest. My goal is to get a tiny inner brow... READ MORE

Can I use filler instead of botox on the number 11 on my forehead?

I had botox injected into forehead lines and between my eyebrows. Every time I have had this procedure, I inform the injector (four different... READ MORE

Which injectables are used & the approx cost for the following areas: tear troughs, 11 's between eyes & wrinkles in upper lip?

I live in the New York area and would like to slow down time asap. Also, is there any down time for these procedures? Thank you!!! READ MORE

Is There Any Pain Involved with Fillers?

I know that a numbing agents applied before treatment with fillers. Is this injected or applied to skin? I am interested in filler for under my eyes.... READ MORE

Glabella filler cost? I have the 11s between my eyebrows. How much for fillers for frown lines?

I got Botox about a month ago. I still have dints in between my eyebrows even when I don't frown. I've read fillers would be a good option next. I'm... READ MORE

Treatment options for furrow "11" wrinkle lines for someone possibly immune to botox and afraid of filler complications? (photo)

I have two shallow-ish but wide furrow lines that are visible at rest. 6 months ago, I was treated with 30 units of botox with absolutely no effect on... READ MORE

Can fillers be used on eleven lines (instead of Botox)?

I know Botox is the standard treatment for this issue, but I would like to avoid using it. If HA fillers can be used on nasolabial folds, I don't see... READ MORE

Persistent frown look even when my muscles are relaxed? (Photo)

Thank you Doctors for all of your time and advice. I'm the persistent 11's girl. I've written in twice about this issue. I'm adding photos now and... READ MORE

Best "11" lines filler?

I am 50 years old and have deep "11" lines between my eyebrows. What is the best FILLER for these lines in terms of effectiveness, duration, side... READ MORE

If I only get 5 or less units in my glabella, do I still risk droopy eyelids? (photos)

I'm 33, and I have a line that drives me nuts in my eleven area. But I'm also morbidly afraid of droopy eyelids. What can I do? READ MORE

What can be done for my face/neck? Young with abnormal facial aging (Photo)

I used to have a REALLY chubby face, and upon losing that fat and being incredibly stressed out for years, I am left with whatever my face is now. I... READ MORE

What's the best filler for the "11" between the eyebrows?

There are so many options and it seems like the descriptions are all similar to another, but I'd imagine that some are better for certain areas than... READ MORE

I am new to fillers ,and curious ? What kind of fillers do I need ,and how much? (photos)

I am 42yrs old,and ever since I had a partial hysterectomy my skin has change a lot .i would like this number 11in between my eyebrows filled and... READ MORE

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