1 Year Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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Can a Dermal Filler Migrate Up?

Hello, I had a HA dermal filler injected in my nasal labial folds about a year ago. However I ended up with a good amount of filler higher up at the... READ MORE

Bumps on Side of Nose After Filler Wears Off? (photo)

I attached this photo. I had fillers in my cheeks about a year ago (radiasse or Restyline ). Anyway it wore off and now I have these lumps on the side... READ MORE

Bad primary rhinoplasty left me with a small nose and retracted columella. injection fillers vs revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Dear doctors, bad primary rhino last year left me with small nose &retracted columella, so terrified of another surgery, I lost faith in surgeons and... READ MORE

Can restylene and perlane disappear within 3 days? I had a syringe of each in my face last year.

I had one syringe of restylene in both cheeks-and one syringe of perlane in nasolabial folds and within 3 days, it had completely gone. Very disappointed. READ MORE

Is this swelling caused by my injectible fillers Radiesse (Dec 2012) or Perlane (Oct 2013). (photo)

This is recent swelling as of the past month under one eye. Saw my dermatologist just this week as I had been out of country when it started, she put... READ MORE

Will fillers only solve the issues I have from a failed lower FL, upper and lower blephs and fat grafts? (Photo)

My PS tried to give me a youthful appearance when i had the surgery 13 months ago, i explained my jowly lower face and sagging cheeks were the problem... READ MORE

I had hyaluronic acid under my eyes in October last year and the area is still puffy. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi, I had halurinic acid injection under my eyes in early October last year(2014) and since then my under eyes are puffy. Can you please recommend... READ MORE

What could these lumps be after filler? (Photos)

Hi, I've had lumps appear in my top lip approx 12 months ago, since then I have had additional Juv & Restylne added however the lumps have not... READ MORE

I had filler in my tear troughs approx. 1 year ago. I've noticed a significant decrease in volume. Any suggestions?

They looked fantastic but over the past month I've noticed a significant decrease in volume. I realize this is appropriate and it is time for another... READ MORE

Revanesse Filler Under Eyes Not Going Away?

I've had Revanesse filler injected under my eyes in the fall of 2011. My under eye dark circles became less visible, but overall it looked bumpy from... READ MORE

Side Effects a Year After Cheek Filler?

A year after voluma, 1 cheek continues to have side effects. From day 1 ive had hardness, mild throbbing & a feeling of mild cramping,... READ MORE

Hematoma or Lump Under Eye and Side of Mouth Formed After Non-permanent Filler 1 Year Ago. Is There a Solution?

I had a filler overdone 1 year ago. 1 eye overdone in whole trough, other a slight excess ridge all under eye, and one lower side of mouth flattened;... READ MORE

Can fillers leave scar tissue you cannot see or feel?

Had filler to sort out droop on one side of mouth which has changed my smile. Left this side looking smooth and full. However it has changed my smile... READ MORE

I had tear trough fillers a year ago, now I have 2 black eyes, visible veins and tons of milia. What can I do to rectify this?

I had fillers a year ago to correct wrinkling under my eyes. The practitioner hit a vein on one of my eyes and told me I may have a little bruise. The... READ MORE

Temporary fillers , swelling and pain after a year ? What could this be?

I had filler injection year ago around my mouth, last for one - two years I 've been told ,everything was okay until this morning, it was puffed and a... READ MORE

Injection to reduce the dark circles around eyes has caused black spots, what do I do? (Photos)

I had 4 sessions of reducing the dark cercles around the eyes but after the fourth session i started to get black spots around the eyes. It has been 1... READ MORE

1 year post op and nose looks shapeless. Can fillers help my situation? Or what can be done to make my nose look better? (Photo)

I had a nice strong nose before rhinoplasty but had a bump on side that bugged me n I wanted to get it removed. My doctor during my consultation told... READ MORE

How long before fibrosis goes?

I had filler which has resulted in fibrosis, one year on. Unfortunately I never liked the filler placement. How long before the fibrosis disappears,... READ MORE

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