1 Week Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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Large Hard Bump and Infection After Filler - Hematoma?

I got filler injected into my jawline five days ago. One day later, I noticed that the area seemed somewhat swollen. I assumed it was just some... READ MORE

Hit Artery After Expression HA Filler In Lips?

I had Expression HA filler injected into my lips 6 days ago. She hit an artery when I was being injected and I bled and bruised. The bruise is going... READ MORE

How long will it take to see final results after tear trough fillers?

Hi. I had a doctor inject two syringes of restaylane to cover my dark circles. My last injection was one weeks ago and I still see some circles under... READ MORE

7 days post op Tear trough filler, is this swelling or too much product? (photos)

Had tear trough filler 7 days ago. Is this swelling normal after this time? Had hoped to see some improvement by now but looks worse than before I got... READ MORE

Nasal labial folds fillers - it's been 7 days and I haven't seen any improvement. Does it take time for the effects to appear?

I have had fillers done to my nasal labial folds 7 days ago and hadn't seen any improvement ever since. Should I be worried or does it take time for... READ MORE

My lips are uneven after lip filler, the lumps are on the inner side, is there such a thing as tissue displacement? (Photo)

The lumps appeared immediately after the injection. It's actually a lump on the inner side of my lip (so resting on my teeth) when I smile the lumps... READ MORE

There are not a difference after lip fillers. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got lip fillers 5 days ago. My doctor told me he would inject 1ml in the upper lip and one in the bottom lip. After the swelling went down I dont... READ MORE

Is it possible the filler is leaking down into my eyes?

I received filler 1 week ago from my facialist in my eyebrow arch area. when injected i could feel it in upper back of my eyes and told her so. i came... READ MORE

I had filler for my tear trough area a week ago and I have a nasty lump? (Photo)

Do you think this is swelling or too much filler in one area it doesn't feel lumpy or hard but it's not going down and I look worse than pre filler! READ MORE

My lips are swollen, how do I get rid of the swelling?

I got my lips done and I made out with my boyfriend 4 days after, he sucked on my top lip and its been a week now and its still swollen... READ MORE

5 days post lip injections and there is unevenness and lumpiness. Is this normal? (Photos)

I had a full syringe injected, 1/4 on the top lip and 3/4 on the lower lip. My lips swelled the day after which is normal but they swelled uneven.... READ MORE

Will forehead wear off before Glabella (main site of injection) if barely any units were used there?

I had predominantly my frown injected along with VERY sparing injections for forehead lines, brows have dropped and lids are feeling heavy and... READ MORE

I've Just Found I'm 3 Week Pregnant and I Had HA Injection 1 Week Ago, I'm Freaking Out?

I had 2ml emervel volume 0.3% lidocaine and 0.8ml surgiderm into my face 1 week ago. But today I found out I'm 3 week pregnant, I'm freaking out, I... READ MORE

I Had Previously Inject Hylacorp Filler, This Time It Is Painful With Headaches. Normal?

This time round I did it on my forhead n it has been 6 days and my forehead is still painful until I'm getting headache. Is it normal? Should I... READ MORE

Can the Body Absorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection

Can the Body Obsorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection READ MORE

Is it Possible to Ruin the Results of a Filler the Injection Site has Been Rubbed?

My boyfriend accidently rubbed there exact area of the injection site. is it possible he damaged my filler or am i just being paranoid do i have to... READ MORE

I Had Dysport and Restylane to Treat a Permanent Crease Between my Eyebrows?

It is day five and while I am noticing the dysport is starting to take effect I also notice that I still have a crease - it is better than it was, but... READ MORE

Can I get undereye filler after cheek implants? Are these eye bags caused by swelling or did implants create hollows? (Photo)

5 days post op and my skin especially my under eye bags are saggy/droopy. I am only 18 so before surgery my under eye bags were perfect. I am happy to... READ MORE

I have a lip bump and my top lip looks like a bird beak one week after the filler (Photo)

I had lip filler done a week ago, now I have two bumps under my top lip on the inside and my lip is very pointy and looks like a beak. My lip still... READ MORE

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