1 Month Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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Juvederm Lumps in Lips? (photo)

I got my lips done almost exactly a month ago, and they look like when you draw cartoon clouds, with the little loop-de-loops. Mainly when I smile,... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect? (photo)

I had restylane in tear troughs over one month ago. I had severe bruising in left eye. That same eyes is still dark underneath. More purplish than... READ MORE

Still black/Blue after filler almost a month ago! I'm worried this is permanent.

Dermal filler to raise an indented scar in cheek. Severely bruised. I went back after a week, they said it was just bruising. I was worried it was... READ MORE

Are Palpiations and Chest Pains a Side Effect of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

Four weeks ago i had hyaluronic acid fillers in my nasolabial folds. Since then i have been getting palpitations and mild chest pain and generally... READ MORE

Tear trough is still blue and swollen after 4 weeks. Has my plastic surgery has given me too much filler? (Photo)

4 weeks ago I had Revanesse Kiss (a filler) injected into my tear troughs by a plastic surgeon. But after 4 weeks, it looks like they have shot too... READ MORE

Delayed Tear Trough Bruising - 5 Weeks Later! Seems Strange (Photo)

I have woke up this morning around 5 weeks after tear through injections to find that one of my eyes is bruised and has swelling as if I have been... READ MORE

Can a filler injected into the nose that is supposed to last 8-12 months get absorbed in just a few weeks?

A month ago my surgeon injected a filler to even out the irregularities on my nose (after two rhinoplasties). I don't want another rhinoplasty but I... READ MORE

Why do I have a poor result after Botox/Perlane/Restylane injections? (photos)

I asked a question before but thought I should ask again this time with a before pic. What can I do to improve this result? Why did this happen? READ MORE

Prolonged swelling after under eye fillers. Any suggestions?

I had under eye fillers for the first time 5 weeks ago and still have swelling and bruising under the left eye. What went wrong? What do I do? READ MORE

Is this the tyndall effect I am seeing? This is one month post injections (Photo)

Is this the tyndall effect I am seeing? This is one month post injections. Should I get resolved or will this go away on its own? Thank you in advance!! READ MORE

Why is my nose after filler deformed? (photos)

Hi about 5 weeks ago I had nose filler injected to straighten out a bump I had in the middle of my nose bridge!! I was really happy with the results... READ MORE

How would I know what kind of filler was injected on my nose tip and nose bridge, and how can it be removed?

Its been more than a month since ive been injected by an unlicensed ladyboy, he told me it was collagen , and he injected the filler to his own nose... READ MORE

How Long Can Voluma Lumps Remain on Lower Face-DAO Area?

I had a syringe of Voluma 4 weeks ago n/s lines oral commisures (DAOs) the injection itself was not painful but I bruised & 4 weeks on have big... READ MORE

Voluma Swelling and Hardness in Cheek After 4 Weeks

After 4 weeks of having voluma in cheeks, I still have slight swelling, itchiness, hardness and small lumps at injection site, in 1 cheek. No probs at... READ MORE

Pitted scars from shincort (Triamcinolone) injection, will these heal?

Hi doctors. I had a 10 mg/ml injection on my left lower facial line 1 month ago. I noticed a pitted scar was formed and learnt that it's a side effect... READ MORE

Can I expect Kenalog and 5fu to reduce PMMA Lumps at 5 weeks post injection? Is early intervention recommended?

In my third round of Brazilian PMMA for penile girth, I developed several lumps (prior 2 rounds were fine) from 15ccs. 2 are marble sized. Doc debated... READ MORE

I had filler treatment to my cheeks and now I have indents and discoloration. Will my skin recover? (photo)

About 20 injections on each cheek were administered 4 weeks ago. The filler has gone but I am left with pock marks and pigments. Will my skin recover? READ MORE

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