1 Day Post-op + Injectable Fillers

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Will the Bump from the Injectable Filler I Had Done Yesterday in my Forehead Reduce?

I had a filler injected into a deep crease in the centre of my forehead yesterday. I now have a rather worrying bump there instead. Will this bump... READ MORE

Can I remove Stylage? (photo)

I did Stylage in my lips today and now they are pouting out from my skin right below my nose. This does not look normal. I have done restylane before,... READ MORE

How bad can swelling be after getting lip line fillers above your lip area?

Since I got lip line fillers yesterday afternoon have been extremely concerned as it is not only bruised but disturbingly swollen. I am worried did... READ MORE

Hit in Face 24 Hours After Injections. Can That Cause Harm?

Hit in Face 24 Hours After Injections. Can That Cause Harm? READ MORE

I'm 22. I had a 0.8 ml Revanesse in nasolabial yesterday. I had a wonderful result but now I have swelling. What can I do?

Is this a swelling? Or over filling? What's the duration of swelling for this product? So that after this period I can know it's overfilling and will... READ MORE

Is this signs of necrosis or bruise on my nose after filler I had yesterday? I want to catch signs early (Photos)

I had several bad rhinoplasties and blood supply is not good. I use filler sometimes and my mid vault is permanently discolored. This time, I had... READ MORE

I hit my lips after receiving injections, do I need to get my lips re-done now?

I received lip fillers yesterday morning on Monday and they looked great, hardly had any swelling or bruising. The next day, Tuesday night, I got hit... READ MORE

I have a lump on my lip from lip fillers. Will it reduce? (Photo)

I got my lips filled yesterday and have a lump on my lip as a result. Is this swelling?? I have been massaging the area all day but just paranoid it's... READ MORE

Upper lip filler caused my right cheek to swell.

I had my upper lip injected with fillers two days ago and on the same night about 5 hours after having the filler my left cheek right next to my lip... READ MORE

Normal or possible Tyndall effect? (photo)

I had my tear through area filled yesterday and woke up this am with some bruising and swelling .On my right eye there is a ring like raised puff .I... READ MORE

I had my lip fillers yesterday and he notified me that the swollen/bruised lip will go in 24 hours? (Photo)

When will the bruising go and how serious is it? the doctor gave me a gel and clearly said not to put ice.. what should i do READ MORE

Will fillers calm down? (Photos)

I had cheek fillers along my cheek bone yesterday,however I feel like they have made my cheek bone proteins somewhat-it does feel hard and swollen and... READ MORE

How long till I look "normal" after under-eye filler? :( 31 yrs old

Hi I got under eye filler yesterday and woke up with more swelling under my eyes than yesterday--not a good look!! How long until I'll look... READ MORE

I did a lip filler yesterday, My lower lip seems bulky and my smile is crooked. Will this go away by itself?

Like half of the injection, but my lower lip seems bulky and my smile is crooked now, will this go away by itself ? I really hate them and I am... READ MORE

Why does my bottom lip move by itself after filler?

I had filler done to my lips at 10:00 am yesterday .. now its 10:pm the next day .. since 6:00 am morning and my downer lips suddenly moves by it self... READ MORE

I've had 1ml of Esthelis Basic injected in my lip 24hrs ago with severe bruising. Ruptured blood vessels? (Photo)

Have the blood vessels in my bottom lip been ruptured? I am very alarmed at the visual outcome. I'm well aware that I need at least 48hrs downtime but... READ MORE

My face is ruined in bruises & skin marks and severe nerve pain after lip fillers. Can someone help me? (Photo)

Got lip fillers in yeaterday..Had severe pain in nose after like sinus infection pain..When I got home and washed my face i seen the bruising and... READ MORE

My lips are very swollen & bruised after lip injection. How long does this last?

I had lip injections yesterday at 3:30pm. It is now 12:20pm the following day. I'm quite duck billed at the moment and it's a little concerning. What... READ MORE

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