Comparison + Implantable Contact Lenses

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Is ICL Better Than Lasik?

Does the ICL eye surgery really give you better vision than LASIK? READ MORE

My left and right corneas are 510 microns and 520 microns thick, respectively. Do You Recommend ICL or PRK For Thin Corneas?

My vision in both eyes is -8.5 for contacts and -10.5 for glasses. My left and right corneas are 510 microns and 520 microns thick, respectively.... READ MORE

LASIK, ICL, or other refractive surgeries for large pupils?

I have very poor vision that has required me to wear contacts for over a decade. As such, I would like to get refractive surgery to correct my vision.... READ MORE

Which is better? ICL or LASIK ?

My spherical power is -7.25 and cylinder is -1.25with 10 degree axis in right eye and spherical power is -5.5 and cylinder is -2 with 170 degree axis... READ MORE

What would be a suggestion for a surgical procedure? ICL or LASIK?

I am 60 yrs. old, having pupils so large they let in too much light.The daily light from the sun makes my eyes water and sting. From a headlight it is... READ MORE

Left&right eye -8 & -8.5 contacts, -9 & -9.5 glasses. No astigmatism, stable for 5 yrs. Cornea thickness 615. LASIK or ICL?

When I went to see the surgeon for what I thought to be a lasik exam after prescreening, the surgeon suggested ICL due to severe nearsightedness... READ MORE

Which is better is LASIK or ICL for my power!? (photos)

Which is the best place to do this workup in chennai!? READ MORE

ICL or PRK? (Photo)

I have 541 corneal thickness, -7 in both eyes and am 23 years old. which would be the best option for me one doc recommended prk, most of them... READ MORE

Which is better: ICL or PRK, based on the cornea thickness?

I'm 23..i consulted 2 doctors for LASIK. One doctorsaid that i have the cornea thickness as 490 and proposed PRK treatment,and the amount is less.... READ MORE

Why different power readings for contact lenses and IOL laser surgery lens? Shouldn't they be the same?

Why is the power for OD sp contact lense -1.75.....and some eye lense for IOL laser lense be -2.25.... should both be ssme? READ MORE

Artisan or ICL IOL?

Hey . I am planning to do the IOL but which has the best outcome ( in vision ) and which is safer in long time? what u would recommend me Artisan or... READ MORE

Choice between LASIK and ICL?

Hi, my vision is -11 and -8.5 with slight degree of astigmatism on both eyes. I did a lasik assessment recently and was informed that I am qualify for... READ MORE

What is good for my case; enhancement LASIK or ICL?

I had undergone sbk LASIK two years ago.My power at that time was -12.5 for left and -13 for right eye and corneal thickness was 613 and 628... READ MORE

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