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Is it Possible to Darken Eye Colour?

I was wondering if there is anyway i can darken my eye colour. when i was a kid i had big brown eyes and as i got older they turned more of a muddy... READ MORE

I am 28yrs old. having high myopia -16 and -15 . Should I consider ICl. Or can I continue with the contact lenses as I do now.

Since my childhood my myopia has been increasing and stopped only in last 6 months at -16 and -15. my retina had a small tear last year which was... READ MORE

Is ICL the Right Choice?

I am 28, have a prescription of -8.5 in both eyes and a central corneal thickness of 500 which I was told is very thin. In addition, I have very dry... READ MORE

ICL Treatment?

I am using glasses for more than 14 years. I never use contact lens. I check my eyes for LASIK treatment. Based on the report, doctors told that am... READ MORE

Can a 16 Year Old Get ICL?

My vision is slowly stabilizing but I'm 16 and no my vision isn't stable yet, but I'm wondering if it's possible for me to get the surgery now and... READ MORE

Can I go for ICL? I have a very high power -14.00 in both eyes. The cornea thickness is 450.

I have a very high power -14.00 in both eyes.The cornea thickness is 450. I have also under gone a retina surgery in right eye due to a hole in it... READ MORE

Am I suitable for ICL surgery?

Is ICL is suitable for me I am 26 years old and i have 6.25 (right eye) and 6.50 (left eye). I used contact lens for 10 months ..i faced eye watering... READ MORE

Can a 16 years old get Visianicl? My eye sight is -5.75 and -5.00, I'm afraid that it could go lower as I grow up .

I went to a doctor he said its okay, but if I get it will my eyesight Chang and get lower ? READ MORE

Is orthokeratology worth considering?

I am not a laser surgery candidate due to large pupils (6.5mm) and flat cornea (my contact lens base curve is 9.0). Would I be a candidate for... READ MORE

I have cornea thickness 490 per eye and power -9.5 with -4.0 cylendric and -10.25 with -2.5 cylendric, can I go for eye surgery?

I have cornea thickness 490 per eye, and power -9.5 with -4.0 cylendric and -10.25 with -2.5 cylendric, wheather i can go for eye surgry. In checkup,... READ MORE

ICL Process with Nearsightedness?

Hi, I have nearsightedness with power Left eye -24 and right eye -20.From few days , i am facing floaters and flashed in my both the eyes. I have been... READ MORE

Is perennial conjunctivitis and GPC a contraindication for ICL lens surgery?

I have been told am not a candidate for LASIK/PRK so those are not an option. Another detail is that I have horrible perennial conjunctivitis (dust... READ MORE

ICL or PRK? (Photo)

I have 541 corneal thickness, -7 in both eyes and am 23 years old. which would be the best option for me one doc recommended prk, most of them... READ MORE

I have -650 in both eyes. ICL a good choice for me? I don't like the idea of LASIK because of the halos I keep reading about

I have no cataract or anything in my eyes. They are just really bad. Without my glasses I can't see the details in my own hand clearly inches from my... READ MORE

Implantable Collamer Lense with dry eyes?

I have severe dry eyes at 2 and 3 on the Schirmer test. I can't tolerate progressive lense glasses. I would like to get ICLs to correct my distance... READ MORE

Can I have ICL surgery with a minor astigmatism?

I don't know my specific measurement of astigmatism, but I remember my doctor telling me it's a small measurement. I will call tomorrow to get specifics. READ MORE

ICL for large pupils. Is it normal that the pupil measures differ so much from one clinic to another? Am I a good candidate?

I have consulted with 2 clinics and both advised ICL. I have high myopia and astigmatism (R -7.75/-2.25, L -7.75/-1.25) and thin corneas (505-506) One... READ MORE

Am I fit for ICL?

Since I've got to know that I'm not a good candidate for LASIK,I've considered ICL. How safe is it? I am 20,should I wait or am I fit for it? Thank... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for ICL implants?

Hello I'm 19 years old with -5.23 in my right eye and -6 in my left eye with an astigmatism of 5 in both. I would love to have this procedure done... READ MORE

Is there any way to make my irises larger? Are there any surgeries that can make my eyes larger? (Photo)

I want to make my eyes look larger but i don't like the idea of wearing circle lenses everyday. I also would like to get surgery to actually make my... READ MORE

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