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i-Lipo is an FDA-approved system that uses low-level lasers to shrink fat in a non-invasive way. These lasers work through pads that are placed directly on the skin for 20 minutes. Afterwards, a massage-like device is used on the treatment area for 10-15 minutes to further break down fat. According to RealSelf reviews, you shouldn't feel anything during the procedure other than a slight warming sensation.

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I-lipo and Fotona Tight Sculpting to Fat in Ab Area - Jacksonville, FL

Yesterday I went in for my 1st treatment with the Fotona tight sculpting. I originally went for a consultation for the Ultra shape power but since I have loose skin she recommended the laser as it is suppose to melt off the fat and generate collagen growth to tighten skin. The laser requires 4... READ MORE

42 Yrs W/ 2 Children - Mexico, MX

I had a good experience it was a little different with him not speaking English. His nurse translated and all my questions were ancered. I was treated very well. I stayed overnight and went back to california the next day. He came in and spoke to me about the surgery and how much fat he had... READ MORE

36 with 3 kids stomach fat and back fat this is post treatment 1 of 6.

No down time, no pain, no issues at all. I would recommend it the laser was warm but not bad at all. It was quick, after the laser I exercised before I left the office and more when I made it home. I'm very Pleased. READ MORE

I Lipo: 31 Yr Old Mother of 2. Both C Sections - Bedford, MA

I've only completed two treatments thus far. I will post before and after pictures once I complete 8 treatments. I'll provide information based on 8 treatments because that's what's recommend, although I'm having more than that completed. I honestly feel like I notice a difference but I'm unsure... READ MORE

Pre and Post Surgery - El Paso, TX

Following a motorcycle accident, I had abdominal surgery with a wound vac applied to my abdomen. In the healing process I developed a ventral hernia that caused a deformity to the abdomen wall. To repair this Dr. Anh Lee MD, performed a mini tummy tuck. She also did some lipo to my abdomen. The... READ MORE

25, 1kid, Getting I-Lipo W/high Expectations Low Cost!!

Soooo! I will be getting I-Lipo. After being a real self member for over 2 years, I have finally gotten a little courage to do something to my body. my ultimate goal was to travel to Miami, or out of the U.S to have a BBL and tummy tuck. I can honestly say I don't have the courage yet to go... READ MORE

New Boobies, Lipo & Botox. Las Vegas, NV

Doctor K. Is one of the best doctors I have ever come across. I found him almost 5 years ago. He's very professional & has made me feel & look amazing!! I just did lipo on my sides & it already looks 100% better. I had stubborn fat there & doc removed it. Threw away old boobies for new ones!... READ MORE

Non-Invasive Laser Lipo (Abdomen) - Jacksonville, FL

Hello RealSelf!! I'm having 6 sessions of non-invasive laser lipo on my belly. I'm 34, no kids. I previously had uterine fibroids, but I underwent an open myomectomy (it's just like a c-section, but instead of delivering a baby, I delivered fibroids.) Anyway, I have a gut. I was thinking about... READ MORE

Liposuction Swelling & Pain - Newport Beach, CA

Any suggestions on faster recovery I am 7days post op and very swollen I had it performed on my upper back and lower back , abdomen and pubic area I have been wearing my garments 24/7 except when washing it and showering which can't be without for long since my body feels like it's ripping apart... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 3 Kids and a Much Needed Surgery. Dominican Republic, DO

I wanted to feel beautiful again. It was hard in the beginning after the surgery but after a while I started really seeing the results. It was hard because I thought I wouldn't get how I wanted but I did and I'm happy about it. I feel really comfortable with myself again and I can't ask for more... READ MORE

Worth It, if You Have Enough to Keep It Up. - Bossier City, LA

I had eight treatments and didn't get much out of the measuring tape each time, but I took photos every session and can dramatically tell in the photos. I did the lower section of my tummy below my belly button. I ran for ten minutes after each treatment, twice a week. I would love to continue... READ MORE

Chocolate Drop Hopes Her New Booty Pops! Miami, FL

OK sooooooo, first let me say I had to reschedule my surgery 3 times do my hemo being to low finally I got it up over and above. So now my surgery date is this Thursday 10-24-2014!! I will be leaving to Miami tomorrow right out of SF... Let me be honest at the beginning vanity was kinda hard to... READ MORE

ILipo - Just Warm Lazer - Diet and Exercise Got Me to Lose the Weight. Pittsburgh, PA

I'm writing this review a little late. However the experience is still fresh in my mind. I've said a earlier review, I am 37yrs old, at the time I did ILipo, I was around 33. I went in for 6 treatments , which was $900. it was a warm laser, over your belly that would sit there for 20 minutes.... READ MORE

Round 2 with Lipo

So here I go ladies did a round 2 with lipo to arms and inner thighs and the soreness is real Bt worth it only thing is when I take this faja off i itch like crazy and break out in hives anyone else goin through this ? Or has had this happen ? In any case was worth it the booty greed is also... READ MORE

I Guide Neck Lift to Give Me Another Twenty Years of Public Speaking - Sydney, AU

I cannot recommend Cosmos Clinic's Dr Joseph Ajaka and Dr Francesco Fascetti highly enough. The work they have done is nothing short of stunning...above and beyond my expectations. Their manner in theatre was calm and professional and caring. I was treated as a human being not just a client. Not... READ MORE

I-Lipo -Complete waste of time? Pure Elegance, Springboro OH

Hi everyone! I've been fighting my weight since I was 14, and I've managed to lose and gain and lose and gain. I'm stuck right now at 250 lbs. I'm really not a good candidate for I-Lipo, but there was a groupon for Pure Elegance Day Spa in Dayton, so I wanted to give it a shot. I'm hoping it... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 1 Kid and Need to Loose my Belly Pouch

After doing a lot of research I decided to go back to Costa Rica to have liposuction on my abdominal, sides and flanks. I had the procedure at the Rosen Stock and Dr Rashi did the surgery...Dr Rashi did my breast lift/implants back in 2014 and did amazing job. The staff is very friendly and so... READ MORE

Dr. Decherd - Wonderful Doctor and Staff

Last year, I went to Dr. Decherd for a problem that has plagued me all of my life. I'm 5'3", 107 and I eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, I had saddlebags on my hips. Dr. D performed Lipo on my hips and removed this problem. His work is amazing, detailed and spot on. His... READ MORE

I-lipo - First Session

I am writing this review as I am laying on the clinic bed and have a belt like apparatus aiming low level lasers to my abdominal area. This is my first review of which I have bought 10 laser lipo treatments. I have already drank half a gallon of water and it is 2:00 pm. The technician was very... READ MORE

Love my Look Now ! Liposuction Was Great - Miami, FL

In January I had a liposuction with a fat transfer to the buttocks performed by Dr. Careaga. I found him through his website, and then it turned out that some of my friends had also had procedures done by him. I'm very satisfied with all the care I received since the first day I came, and the... READ MORE

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