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Hypopigmentation and Burns from IPL

I am currently having my last IPL treatment (5th). The hyperpigmented spots from Stevens-Johnson syndrome have definitely lightened (50%), but I... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation from Shingles

I got shingles a few months ago, and now have residual scars/hypopigmentation in small spots across the area. The skin is not raised or indented, so... READ MORE

White Spots on my Legs

The white spots seem to be increasing, I have been told it is a normal aging thing and it is loss of pigment. Is there anyway to correct this? READ MORE

Possible Solutions for PIH

Hi,so what are the possible solutions to my condition if laser is not advisable?ive waited almost 6 mths and it just seems to get worse.Isit advisable... READ MORE

What Kind of Procedures Could Improve my Blotchy Arms?

I'm 60 years old. My forearms have a lot of white spots and it looks like the darker pigments are fading very unevenly and look blotchy in some... READ MORE

Please help! Hypopigmentation/rash to forehead. My MD has me using various creams but it's not helping. (Photo)

Noticed hypopigmentation to my forehead since Oct 2,2015. I was on Tazarac 0.1 nightly since August, up from my Tretinon dose 0.5 prior to the switch... READ MORE

Can Anything Reverse Hypopigmentation?

I had a laser treatment on two small scars to help blend the white hypopigmentation around the incsision site. I think it was fraxel....Once the... READ MORE

Is There Anything at All That Can Be Done to Reverse Hypopigmentation.

If i get even a slight tan the hypopigmented areas look even worse. i was wanting to know if anything can be done to repigment skin? i would be... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the white spots that are left after pityriasis rosea? (Photo)

I had Pityriasis rosea for over 3 weeks and its now gone, but everywhere there was a patch of the rash there is now white spots. How do I get them to... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation on Scar Site

My 3 year old son cut his forhead. it was stitched by a doctor. after 3 months the scar has white spots....what are they..what should i put on the scar? READ MORE

What is the best treatment for hypopigmentation around lips? (Photos)

I have a "receding" lip line that makes my lips look less round. I think acne treatments are what may have caused it in my past use. READ MORE

Hypopigmentation on penis. Is there any treatment, short of a tattoo, that repigments skin?

I had a wart on my penis that a dermatologist treated with cryotherapy. Unfortunately, the result was significant hypopigmentation about the size of a... READ MORE

I'm Suffering from Facial Pigmentation for 4years

There is ashy coloration of my face and hands.it is non itchy,non burning.it seems agravate on sun exposure.some times there r raised border around... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Hypopigmentation on My Face? And Peeling? (photo)

What Can I Do About Hypopigmentation on My Face? And Peeling? READ MORE

How to get my natural skin colour back after burn from a curling iron? (Photo)

Hello, 2 months I ago I burned my forehead with a 400 degree instyler. Within a hour of the impact the skin appeared black! I put polysporin on it for... READ MORE

Can I fix the lip discoloration that is lighter than the rest of my face?

I used a hair removal cream on my upper lip a long time ago and I left it on too long and now the skin on my upper lip is lighter than the rest of my... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Seemingly Permanent Post Laser Treatment Hyper-pigmentation & Growth of Dark Hairs on Face? (photo)

I had laser hair removal on face 2 yrs ago & since I developed dark hairs I never had before. I also did my bikini area with promising results... READ MORE

Is post inflammatory hypopigmentation permanent?

I had pityriasis rosea during 6 weeks until the end of january and I have some white spots on my stomach as a result. Does it resolves by it self or... READ MORE

What can I use to get my brown pigmentation back on my lips?

I had a habit of peeling my lips to deep and as a result, I have pink spots on my natural brown lips. I always have to wear dark lipsticks now when I... READ MORE

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