Burn + Hypopigmentation

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Hypopigmentation and Burns from IPL

I am currently having my last IPL treatment (5th). The hyperpigmented spots from Stevens-Johnson syndrome have definitely lightened (50%), but I... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After Laser Burns?

I had laser 10 days ago and i was burned and had semi circle burns which turned brown and now the majority has peeled away. But the areas which has... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this face pigments? Is there any effective treatment?

I previously had pigments after pregnancy in my cheeks after laser treatment it appears more as lady burn my face putting in high level READ MORE

Blending Creams for Hypopigmented Spots

A patient was burned from a laser hair removal tx and consequently developed hypopigmented spots. can creams that contain hydroquinone, hydrocortisone... READ MORE

Post inflammatory hypopigmentation? (Photo)

Can anything be done to improve the appearance of hypopigmentation? Does it improve with time? Can it get worse with time? I had CO2 done on my face... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after laser treatment burns. How can it be treated? (Photo)

About 5 months ago, I have had laser treatment on my arms to remove dark sun spots. The treatment burnt my arms and left highly visible white scars in... READ MORE

Hypopigmenatation from a waxing burn. Will this return back to my normal skin colour? (Photo)

I unfortunately had my face waxed due to a poor English speaking beauty therapist instead of threading which I asked for. Unfortunately she managed to... READ MORE

I want to know whether there is a loss of melanin pigment due to burn in my case ? (photos)

I've heard that the scar of loss of melanin pigment remains and doesn't fade away . I wanted to know that this burn that I have is the same case ? READ MORE

Treating hypopigmentation from laser burn with UVB phototherapy?

I got burn with hair removal laser a month ago. Burns healed properly, but I now have hypopigmentation. The dermatologist I saw today suggested UVB... READ MORE

White and red marks after IPL burns, what can I do about it? (Photo)

I had some IPL treatments to get rid of the PIH on my arm. The treatments resulted in burn blisters every time and I was reassured that once it healed... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after home glycol peel burn? Not sure what I should use on my skin type post and pre treatment.

Really worried! Did my peel 3 months ago and burned my face, scabbed over and now how hypo pigmentation. Also I am 7 months pregnant. My Doctor said... READ MORE

Suggest me some treatment remedies for hypopigmentation due to post burn on my palm

Sir I had burn two years back due to which my palms are discoloured READ MORE

I'm a brown skinned African American male and I burned my forehead 7 month ago. The skin came of leaving the area discolored.

Is there anything I can do bring back the brown tone back to that area to have it uniform with the rest of my skin? READ MORE

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