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Will Peels Work for Facial Pigmentations?

I'm a 32-year-old married lady from Pakistan. I've had these spots on my forehead, nose, and cheekbones for the past 4 years. I never used any cream... READ MORE

What should I do to even my skin tone and reduce my PIH? Stop finacea? Incorporate glycolic acid? (Photos)

My acne is under control. But, my skin tone is uneven and I have marks from picking. I'm on finacea foam 15% twice a day and have just started using... READ MORE

I have growth of darkish black spots on arms and back. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hi,I've these black spots over the upper part of my back & sides of my arm. I believe these are pigmentation marks. My dermat says it's hereditary/... READ MORE

How do you remove black spots from my forehead? They were made by scratching my pimples after they turned black. (photo)

So I just wanted to ask how to remove then in the amount of less than 3 weeks.They're medium-small circles.Very irritating,at the moment I'm using... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these black spots above my mouth and around my chin?

How can i get rid of this black spots above my mouth and around my chin??? READ MORE

I have black spots on my legs, arms, thighs. Which is the best and quickest cream can I use to remove these these spots?(photo)

I have had these spots ever since I was 12,everything I get a bite or an irritation nstead of it healing it leaves black spots,please me doctor... READ MORE

How do I get rid of big black spots caused by scabies? (photos)

Severe case of scabies. I could not help but scratch them until they bled. Upon healing, they left black spots all over my body READ MORE

Do I have melanoma or inflammatory hyperpigmentation? What should I do?

I have a black spot on my back side its kinda like a small black bubble its a little sore tender to the touch at times i do not have moles but i had... READ MORE

Hi, I would just like to know what these spots on my back are? (photos)

Hi, I am a 35 year old and I started getting these spots on my back and they spread across my whole back and are making their way to my arms. Please... READ MORE

I have black spots around my arm area including my leg but my arms are worse than my legs. Any suggestions? (photos)

Over the past few weeks, I have been noticing black spots around my body, but my arms are worse than the rest of my body and its bothering me a lot. I... READ MORE

My name is Nafeeza. What can help these black spots to go away from my skin caused by skin allergies?

I got skin allergies since i was 13 years old and black spots starting to leave on my skin all over my body and i tried all these of skin lightening... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation options? (Photo)

Have tried Ambi and so many different treatments that never ever cleared my acne spots. I bought the Obagi Nu Derm trial kit online with Obagi Trenton... READ MORE

Will the hyperpigmented spot on my leg fade? How can I get it to fade faster?

About a month ago my boyfriend sprayed me with an aerosol can on my leg. He only sprayed for a second but my leg welted up and after the swelling went... READ MORE

Hyper pigmentation: some months ago I put un dilluted dettol on my face and had a black spot.

Over the next few months i used various creams it has gradually faded though , yet i think the patch which is still visible improves and then... READ MORE

Why do I get hyperpigmentation even from red light (non UV!) therapy? (photos)

After my 2 pregnancies I became prone to hyperpigmentation. I was able to get rid of some marks by religiously putting on SPF 50 (even in winter)... READ MORE

I'm thinking about doing a quick sun tan session.

My skin, especially in my abdominal area where I'm trying to treat hyper pigmentation spots, has a lot going on. I have light patches, dark patches,... READ MORE

These two spots showed up about three weeks ago what could it be? (photo)

They aren't raised. They aren't painful. They have gotten a little bit bigger but not much. READ MORE

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