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Scar Re-pigmentation Treatments?

Are there any effective scar repigmentation treatments? I have hypopigmented scars that are really embarrassing, and I know that nothing will make... READ MORE

Scarring/hyperpigmentation on buttocks. What's the most suitable treatment? (Photo)

As per the photo's, I have a lot of scarring/hyperpigmentation, some many years old, from a combination of boils/acne scarring at a younger age. What... READ MORE

Full Body Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

I recently had an almost full-body break out of rashes (viral in nature) on my arms, legs, belly and parts of my neck. Though I am not totally healed... READ MORE

Skin hyperpigmentation

I'm an indian male. Nd my face is darker then rest of my body. I never have this habit to use sunscreen. I sweat a hell lot from face. I suffered from... READ MORE

I have dark spots covering buttocks and its so embarrassing! Any suggestions? (photos)

I often get spots , pimples on my bum which are sore but i have boticed the awful scarring that has become alot on ny buttocks and am hoping for a... READ MORE

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I've been bitten by mosquito since i don't even remember. and it left brown scar in all over my skin! it's like brown spot or something, i believe... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of PIH Scarring from Severe Keratosis Pilaris on my Upper Arms? (photo)

Over the past year, I suddenly re-developed KP on my upper arms. I had a small bout with KP when I was in my early teens, but it was only localized to... READ MORE

What is the Best Peel for my Skin Type? I Am Pakistani With Hyperpigmentation (photo)

I've struggled w/ hyperpigmentation and feel a peel would be good for dark spots on my face.My ethnicity is Pakistani, so I have "olive"... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Hyper Pigmentation and Scarring?

I have hyperpigmentation on my arms from keratosis pilaris, hyperpigmentation on my upper back from acne scars, and now im starting to form... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the dark line (linea negra) that runs vertical on my stomach?

I am not pregnant and have never been pregnant, but I present the same dark vertical line down the belly that many pregnant woman have. I am of... READ MORE

Elctrocautery on Pseudofolliculitis Lesions: How to Get Rid Hyperpogmentation Scars?

Some Pseudofolliculitis lesions appears on my neck while I was using "Isotretinoin" for acne. Dermatologist performed... READ MORE

Post skin graft hyperpigmentation & wrinkles? (Photos)

I underwent split thickness skin grafting two years back on my forehead which was scarred and uneven due to childhood burns.The graft take up good but... READ MORE

How to treat my hyperpigmentation? (photos)

Hi! New here. What can I do about my hyperpigmentation? I've had terrible skin for about 3 years only to find out my birth control was causing it (I'm... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation around ethnic eyes nose; what should I do? (Photo)

I'm a black female who has had this scarring for probable 4-8 years or so. It's in the corners of my eye (where eyeglasses eye pads go). I haven't... READ MORE

How to remove red marks and hyperpigmentation on legs? (Photo)

I'm at a loss as to what I can do to remove these marks on my legs. I exfoliate and moisturize daily, but they hardly show any signs of fading away. I... READ MORE

What are these brown spots on my torso and how can they go away? (Photos)

I am 18 years old and I have had these spots on my chest for the past 5-6 years. They do not itch nor feel any different than normal skin. I have gone... READ MORE

What can be done about flat dark spots, beauty marks if you will, about 1-3mm on your face?

Best procedure(s) for dark to light brown, FLAT, and circular spots on your face Can you do a laser treatment? If so, will this take several... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation, scarring and poor skin texture (Photo)

Ive had cystic acne for many years which did significant damage to my face. I was on accutane before and have no acne but red marks, dents and poor... READ MORE

How to remove the problem I have on my face? (Photo)

I have dark scarring or I think it's a bad case of hyperpigmentation. It's getting darker. I have tried everything. It is lowering my self esteem,... READ MORE

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