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Hyperpigmented Area Red After Hydroquinone Application

I was burnt around the mouth area about half a year ago. I was given a hydroquinone cream by my aesthetician. She said it might help with the... READ MORE

Can I Do Anything with my Reddish Skin Around my Mouth? (photo)

In '06 the skin around my mouth has turned red in a week, just before I started using ReNu MoistureLoc. I used it till it's recall. The... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Reddish Hyperpigmentation Due to Overuse of Glycolic 30%?

I spent months using a microdermabrasion cream on an old acne scar(nose) in combination with 30% glycolic blend. i likely did both too much.The scar... READ MORE

I have redness on the side of my nose and wondering how to treat it? (Photo)

I have readness on the side of my nose and just wondering how to treat it. Its been red for 1 year and it doesn't look like eczema I have done a lot... READ MORE

Do I have redness or hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I had my second laser resurfacing for acne scars I'm not sure if this redness is hyper pigmentation. How do I get rid of it, it's been 2 months and... READ MORE

Discontinue Hydroquinone Use if Redness Occurs?

Use 4% hydroquinone on post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, caused by acne, has caused redness significantly more noticeable than the original marks.... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Red Pigmentation on Pale Skin?

I have a naturally pale complexion with (much too) often, red pigments skin. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the red pigmentation? I've tried... READ MORE

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or Persistent Erythema?

I had some sort of infection on my chin in February, treated with desonide, ketoconazole, and various antibiotics. My face was extremely red for a... READ MORE

Is lytera as effective as hydroquinone 4% in treating post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I read that lytera is just as effective as 4% hydroquinone. i had laser burns under my eye (to treat a bruise) and when i heal my dr suggested hq. i... READ MORE

What Really Works in Improving Skin Discolorations?

My skin has improved dramatically over the last 6-8 months, but I still have red and brown pigmentation in certain areas of my face. I'm wondering,... READ MORE

What Treatment Works Best for Hyperpigmentation Not Associated with Rosacea?

I am mex/irish decent, and have very fair skin on my body. It's red from jawline to hairline and is worst on my cheeks/chin, It seems to vary in... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation After Popping a Pimple

Hi Doc, I am a 23 year old male from Delhi, India with wheatish to fair skin. I popped a pimple on the upper corner of my cheek and applied lots of... READ MORE

Is Possible to Treat Red Marks or Hyperpigmentation with the Cynosure Laser?

I was told that the only way to treat res marks or hyperpigmentation is with cynosure laser. But I've had read some horror stories regarding... READ MORE

Advice for Clearing Up Red Patches on Face

Have developed a couple red "patches" between my mouth and chin. Possibly started as post-acne blemishes? Sometimes more prominent than... READ MORE

Depigmenting Cream for Persistent Redness?

I've done chemical peeling at home using citric acid..but i've over did it my doctor prescribed hydro cortisone for a month then told me to... READ MORE

Is there something i can do for redness around nose and mouth? (photos)

Is there something i can do about the redness around my nose and mouth? It nakes the skin around my upper lip looking white. It is due from waxing? :/... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for Hyperpigmentation/scars?

When I feel my cheek, it is smooth. When I look in the mirror it looks like it isn't because there's discoloration. I would like more information on... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the hyperpigmentation on my chest?

Hi is there anyway to get rid of hyper pigmentation on the chest area without the use of lasers and hydroquinone? I have fibromyalgia and lasers like... READ MORE

Can't use Hydroquinone because it makes me very red. What cream can i use instead as pretreatment for PIH?

Used lytera a week and it made me red after a few days (apllied once a day). i bought elure, lumixyl, perle neocutis, aza clear. which one before... READ MORE

Redness after Pigmanorm. Is it normal?

I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and my dermatologist prescribed me Pigmanorm. First I tested it on my hand, and it didn't show any... READ MORE

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