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Is Hyperpigmentation Permanent After Cryosurgery?

I had some brown spots on my cheeks and after my dermatologist applied Nitrogen it looks now like a dark patches will this go away on its own or what... READ MORE

Is it normal to have some patches of skin be darker than others by default? (Photo)

So a couple of years ago, I noticed that some of the skin on my arms were darker pigmented than the rest. There is no pattern to it or reason for it... READ MORE

I have been getting dark spots in my skin and was just wondering something to worry about? (photos)

I noticed a couple dark spots about 6 months ago on my under thighs and torso. I didn't think much of it, but as time has gone by more and more spots... READ MORE

Dark patches on thigh near genitalia and on genitalia.

I've brown patches on one thigh near gentalia and on genitalia for around 16 years. My dermatologist said, its due to hair removal cream, without... READ MORE

What are the unknown dark pigmented patches around bikini area?

Noticed these darker patches only around the top surrounding my bikini area (started in Oct) & was wondering what they might be. I don't have any... READ MORE

Advice for Clearing Up Red Patches on Face

Have developed a couple red "patches" between my mouth and chin. Possibly started as post-acne blemishes? Sometimes more prominent than... READ MORE

What are these brown patches of skin in between my breasts? (Photo)

Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. A couple years ago maybe two or three I started developing a dark patch of skin (brown) under and I between my... READ MORE

Best treatment for red splotchy skin with hyperpigmentation or melasma?

I have always had reddish skin and i am 40 now with a lot of brown spots also. I do have some white areas on sides of face...i have had 1 ipl... READ MORE

I have big black patches on the right side of my face (cheek) and on my chin, for 3 years now.

I grow beards and have been shaving daily, but it makes the patches worse. currently using moisturizers with spf 30, but i don't see any difference. i... READ MORE

White patch on left breast. Is it some form of hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

In the last 2 years, I have noticed a white patch that has formed on my left breast. It is about the size of a quarter, but concerns me because I do... READ MORE

I have very dark patches around my chin, I want to clear the dark patches but how? (Photos)

I have hyperpigmentation on my chin, i suffer from pcos, not on medication, i smoke 20 cigarettes everyday, My skin is extremely dry, sometime scaly... READ MORE

I have dark patches on my face

I used melacare due to which i had dark patches on my face.since years i m tryng to get rid of i am under going chemical peel treatment but... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after measles? (photos)

Hi my sister had red patches on skin last May she had checkup and the doctor said she have measles, but after few weeks it became dark brown patches,... READ MORE

I am a Dark Skin Black Woman. I have a dark patch on my chin and a few dark spots on the right side of my face. Any suggestion?

I recently was prescibed Tretonin .05 percent, however it makes my skin really flaky. I use Aveeni Daily Moisturizer with SPF everyday and I was with... READ MORE

How do I fix the red and dark patches on my face and well as thicken my skin barrier? (Photo)

My skin is incredibly sensitive. I've tried triluma, hydoquinone, homeopathy and just about everything. How can I thicken my skin to make it less... READ MORE

Had eczema 5 years ago when I was 14. That's why I have brown patches in my body, arms, chest, waist. İs it permanent? (Photos)

Doctors took biopsy and they diognized that its PIH. I'm 19 and it looks disgusting :(. Im so scared that it will persist. Please help me. Thank u... READ MORE

Is this hyperpigmentation, a chemical burn or acne scar? (Photos)

I have a these patches/stripes of dark marks on my face and I used hair hair removal cream a while ago I'm not sure if that was the cause of the dark... READ MORE

How do I get rid of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my upper lip? (photos)

Good day I had a fixed drug eruption and this left dark patches on my upper lip, so parts of my lip look much darker than the middle of my lip, my... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation patches on both sides of upper lips (Photo)

About 3 months ago I noticed White patches near my upper lips which are so prominent.I'm also having laser hair removal sessions from my dermatologist... READ MORE

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