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Dark Spots on Legs - Cause and Treatment?

I have dark discolorations/spot on my legs. i went to a dermatologist and he said i can't do laser spot removal on my legs because of my... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Not Going Away After 14 Months of Treatment

This has been an emotional roller coaster for me. At first I was very hopeful, but now after trying everything possible I feel so hopeless. I know why... READ MORE

What Products or Process Can Help Remove Dark Spots on the Legs? Can Microdermabrasion or Peels Help? (photo)

Hi, thought I'd find some answers here. So here's my story so you can get a clear picture of my case. Hm, I used to have a good looking pair of legs,... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of the Embarrassing Darkening, of my Upper Lip?

How Can I Get Rid of the Embarrassing Darkening, of my Upper Lip? READ MORE

Can I Do Anything with my Reddish Skin Around my Mouth? (photo)

In '06 the skin around my mouth has turned red in a week, just before I started using ReNu MoistureLoc. I used it till it's recall. The... READ MORE

Full Body Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

I recently had an almost full-body break out of rashes (viral in nature) on my arms, legs, belly and parts of my neck. Though I am not totally healed... READ MORE

Safe Ways to Remove Hormonal Pigmentation and Sun Spots?

Hi I have pigmentation on my skin. I went to a skin specialist who said I have hormonal pigmentation and sun spots. She suggested I have IPL. After... READ MORE

What are some good ways/peels to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

I actually have a couple of places with more pigmentation. I have it in my inner thighs, corners of the mouth, underarms, and a little on my forehead... READ MORE

My neck skin has been hyper-pigmented for 5 years. My exposure to sun is zero. How can I treat it fast?

My neck skin has scattered velvety marks that are clear signs of hyperpigmentation. READ MORE

Treatment of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by Laser Hair Removal - Bikini and Vulva Area? (Photo)

I've have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation for six months following a laser hair removal session of my vulva and bikini area. Also, it's darkened... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Treatment On Legs and Arms? (photo)

I have an overdose of hyperpigmentation from scars on my legs and arms. These dark spots have left me feeling very insecure because I have tried every... READ MORE

I Have a Hyperpigmentation on my Penis, and I Want It Removed, is That Possible?

I am 21 yrs old male and have a hyper-pigmentation on my penis. I visited a dermatologist but she told me since the skin in that area is thin not much... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation on the Body?

Unfortunately I suffer from Folliculitis on my buttocks/thigh/bikini line. I'm currently receiving laser hair removal as a treatment and it is... READ MORE

Best Treatment for PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)?

I have really severe perifollicular postimmflamatory hyperpigmentation on legs. What's is the most effective treatment? READ MORE

How Would I Remove Very Black Skin Around my Mouth Area? (photo)

I am asian i have had skin around the mouth for 1 and a half years READ MORE

What Can I Do About These Brown Patches? (photo)

Hello, I have noticed these brown patches in between my upper thigh and groin area. They do not itch, hurt, sting, etc. I just do not like the... READ MORE

Dark vagina and inner groin, please help? (Photo)

Well I got a embarrassing thing I'm 18 and I have like the darkest vagina and inner thighs. Since I'm young I have a very low self esteem. READ MORE

Can This Dark Mark on my Neck Be Removed Easily?

I am 21 and around the age of 14 this mark appeared on my neck. i have recieved loads of grief over it and everyone is so rude and ask why i let... READ MORE

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