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What are some good ways/peels to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

I actually have a couple of places with more pigmentation. I have it in my inner thighs, corners of the mouth, underarms, and a little on my forehead... READ MORE

Severe Hyperpigmentation on Face and Neck

I have severe case of hyper-pigmentation, face and neck are dark (as if done extreme labor under sun)& very fair body makes me two person with two... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation All over my Face and Neck?

Pigmentation marks are very darkly visible on my neck and face areas, is there a way for removal of it, i am on the treatment but it seems to take a... READ MORE

My neck skin has been hyper-pigmented for 5 years. My exposure to sun is zero. How can I treat it fast?

My neck skin has scattered velvety marks that are clear signs of hyperpigmentation. READ MORE

Would the Spectra Laser be effective for hyperpigmentation on African American skin?

I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my jawline and neck from years of plucking ingrown hairs related to elevated testosterone levels. I have since... READ MORE

dark neck and armpits

I have dark neck and armpits i really wanna know if the darkness will go away after losing weight ! READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Dark Face and Dark Neck? (photo)

My face and neck are 4 shades darker than my body. IDK how this happened. On my face it seems to be a bit patchy, the center part lighter and outer... READ MORE

Very black under arm,neck and thighs, is this a condition?

I have had very dark under arms,neck and thighs since I can remember and have never worn an armless shirt or shorts, ever...please is this a... READ MORE

Can you tell me what is on my skin? (photos)

Since the age of 9, I've had issues with dark black spots mutating around my neck area down and upwards. On my face it varies but it has gotten worse... READ MORE

Can This Dark Mark on my Neck Be Removed Easily?

I am 21 and around the age of 14 this mark appeared on my neck. i have recieved loads of grief over it and everyone is so rude and ask why i let... READ MORE

I Have Had Post Folliculitis Hyperpigmentation on my Neck for 2 Years, How to Cure It?

Folliculitis has caused nasty hyperpigmentation in my neck , how to reduce the pigmentation ?? READ MORE

I want my face and neck clear. How can I get rid of this hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

My neck became very black i think this is hyper can i get rid of this and also my face was fully tanned.can you please help. READ MORE

How do I get rid of dark hyper pigmentation ? (photos)

I've had dark hyper pigmentation on my necks underarms and inner thighs since I was 10 years old. I've been to several dermatologist and they've... READ MORE

What are these light brown spots? (Photo)

I'm 19 and female and I've recently noticed these light brown spots on my neck. Originally, they were on my chest but they have disappeared from my... READ MORE

How to Remove Seborrheic Keratosis Without Hyperpigmentation?

I had lots of SK's removed on my stomach, back and neck by my derm last summer using liquid nitrogen in a spray gun. The larger SK's are gone,... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Tretinion Cream to Recover Depigmented on the Back and Sides of the Neck?

I"ve been using tretinion cream 0.05 for 2 months at night my akin has improved. I'm am brown caramel colour and the sides and back of my neck were... READ MORE

What is on my neck? (Photo)

I have darkness over one side of my neck and beside my eyes and beside my lip its really dry and it looks like i have lizard scales im 14 super skinny... READ MORE

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