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Treatment for Dark Pigmentation Around Eyes?

Hi, this is a question about darkness around the eye area. It is hereditary. I don't mean dark circles necessarily, but the area between the eye... READ MORE

PIH on Chin and Skin Above Upper Lip

Hi,i have pih on my chin and the skin above my upper lip.the skin at these 2 parts of my face is really dark. and they look really awful especially in... READ MORE

How to Deal with Hyperpigmentation (Latin Male)?

Hi! I'm a fair skinned Latin male. Eight months ago I had a small accident that left a minor scar over my nose bridge. Although the scar is almost... READ MORE

Treatment Options Becker's Nevus?

Hi: I am a 33 year-old Indian male currently living in Chicago, IL. I have a beckers nevus on my right shoulder since age 14. I am serious about... READ MORE

Is It True That There's No Treatment for Red/Brown Skin Discolorations on the Body?

Today a dermatologist said to me that there's no treatment for skin discolorations on the body, only on the face because the skin here is... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Around Tailbone of Buttock?

I have a discoloration around the tailbone my my buttock. I'm a male. Could the discoloration be from buttock hair? I've tried pigmentation creams and... READ MORE

Discolored Patches All Over Body - What Do I Have?

Hello! Discolored patches not really white under the right armpit, near the elbow, penis, a light patch around a mole on my right shoulder, on my... READ MORE

I want my face and neck clear. How can I get rid of this hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

My neck became very black i think this is hyper can i get rid of this and also my face was fully tanned.can you please help. READ MORE

How to I get rid of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? I have been prescribed Skinoren but it hasn't had any effect (Photo)

I have had hyper pigmentation for about 4 months now, all of the pimples are gone but they left the hyper pigmentation on my skin. I have quite dark... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for removing the hyper pigmentation on my forehead? (photo)

What are my options for removing the mark on my forehead without reoccurrence of pigmentation? READ MORE

How to Treat Both Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation in the Same Area?

I accidently used Veet instead of shaving cream to shave my genitals. Now I have both darkened and lightened patches of skin on my penis and testicles... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation After Popping a Pimple

Hi Doc, I am a 23 year old male from Delhi, India with wheatish to fair skin. I popped a pimple on the upper corner of my cheek and applied lots of... READ MORE

dark lines across nose. (photo)

Iam 17 years old .i have dark lines my nose .what can i do for it?.iam eager to get a cure READ MORE

I have developed pigmentation under both my eyes. I've never had pigmentation like this before. It appeared suddenly (Photo)

I developed pigmentation under both eyes. My cosmetic physician said it was hormone related and mentioned as I'm a male it is unusual. Could anyone... READ MORE

Please can you assist me in finding a solution to getting my forehead colour back to my normal lighter skin colour? (Photo)

I'm not sure how it's gotten to this point but it looks terrible! And only recently did I really start to stop and think about. My skin colour in... READ MORE

How do I get ride of my lip hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I've had a lip discoloration for about a year now I was in Ethiopia on a business venture and when I was there my lip starting changing pinkish around... READ MORE

Please how do I clear my darkened skin due to constant shaving?

Please my beard and mustache area has darkened so much due to regular shaving i'm african but light skinned which makes it easier to notice, i shave... READ MORE

I have dark spots on forehead due to hyperpigmentation. How can I treat this? (Photo)

I'm Indian and having black dark spots on my forehead due to EDP type of hyperpigmentation. I consulted many dermatologist and used the cream having... READ MORE

Dark areas in Forehead. Hyperpigmentation. Will hydroquinone, Vit C, tretinoin and hydrocortisone work?

I am a indian origin male and have had dark black areas on my forehead.... i have used Hydroquinone 25 with Vit c 1% before and had worked temporarily... READ MORE

Remedy for Facial Hyper Pigmentation (Melasma) in Male? (photo)

At age 40 I have developed hyper pigmentation (HP) on my forehead and cheeks. My GP has prescribed a topical: a mix of... READ MORE

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