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How to Get Rid of Dark Circle Around the Lips?

I have this dark circle arond my whole lips. I used everything to get rid of it but it didn't work. It used to look like my skin is dry but I was... READ MORE

Any way to get rid of the pigmentation on my lips?

I want to have pink lips and get rid of that dark line. READ MORE

Q-switch on Lip Sun Spot?

My Doctor used Q-switch laser on my lip sun spot, the area becomes much darker than before. what are the remedies? I am very worried. READ MORE

How to Treat African American Dark Lips?

I'm African American. I have dark lips from smoking. Also, I have a pinkish color on my lower lip.How can I get my lips to the original color? Is... READ MORE

Dark Pigmentation Spots on Lip? (photo)

About one year ago, I started getting dark pigmentation spots on my bottom lip only and I feel like it has spread and became darker. Is this a medical... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmented Lips?

My lips became dark during my first menstrual cycle, and they've been dark since then. Is there any available treatment for it? Is laser treatment an... READ MORE

What Laser or Alternative Treatments Should I Consider to Address Hyperpigmentation on Lips?

I'm a 20 year old African American female. I am healthy no serious medical problems except allergies. I incurred this scar on the right side of... READ MORE

Should Dark Pigment on Lower Lip By Removed Surgically or With a Laser? (photo)

A flat spot started to appear on my lower lip about 2 years ago and seems to be just a little darker and very slightly bigger recently. I want to have... READ MORE

Procedure for Dark Lips?

I'm a non-smoking African American, and my lips are getting darker. Is there a way to get the natural color of my lips back naturally or with medication? READ MORE

Lip Hyperpigmentation Due to Sun Exposure. What Are My Options? (photo)

Over the past few years, the color of my lips has turned into a dark brown color I believe due to sun exposure. I have tried over the counter chemical... READ MORE

Best Cure for Darkening Lips?

My lips have turned extremely dark over a period of time and no home remedy seem to work for me. I have also tried applying Ban A Tan. Coul you... READ MORE

Shadow Above and Below Upper Lip?

What is causing the he shadow above my upper lip and below my lower lip? I have had laser hair removal done about 5 years ago and have gone through 2... READ MORE

Why do I have these black marks around my lips? They have been there since I was young. What can I do to get rid of it?!!

I've had these black marks at both the sides of my lips since I was little, ive been doctors several times, they told me I was lacking vitamins so I... READ MORE

Hey my lip has a lot of discoloration , can u help me find a way to remove it?

I no my dad has it on his lips as well but i want it off of my lips! READ MORE

Do I have Onchronosis? How do I treat this?

Hi I recently used 4% prescription hydroquinone around the sides of my lip to fade away hyper pigmentation. However after 7-8 days of using... READ MORE

What is the best at home treatment for over pigmentation above the lip ?

I have used prescription hydroquinone that caused bluing of the area, along with prescription and OTC retinol-A. Nothing seems to work. I do use... READ MORE

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