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Can Hyperpigmentation be Treated with 100% Effectiveness?

I am from India . Within few years my facial skin has tanned enough . Its due to case of hyperpigmentaiton . My facial skin like my faorehead and... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation in pale skin Asian. What treatment would you recommend?

I get hyperpigmentation whenever I cut myself or get bitten by a mosquito. It takes forever for the marks to fade and lots of times they are seemingly... READ MORE

Products or ways to lighten or rid dark pigmentation? (Photo)

Predominantly on my knee caps, my armpits, elbows, parts of my legs, inside of my thighs, my lower back and bottom my complexion is much much much... READ MORE

Not sure if my inflammatory hyper pigmentation is permanent or not. Any suggestions?

When I use a hydroquine with a prescription of 4% or above my blemishes, dark spots, etc. would lighten up dramatically, however when I use something... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the dark spots on chin? (photos)

I shaved when i was younger, so now this is the result. what can i do to get rid or lighten up... this is so bad. makes me feel horrible. READ MORE

Pigmentation left over from skin infection. Any suggestions?

My groin area and armpits were pretty dark. I consulted a dermatologist. He did a scarp test of both groin and armpit. Both showed mixed infection by... READ MORE

How can I lighten dark spots on face?

I'm African American who developed dark spots on both cheeks when I was 58 after HRT, I think the cause. Doc did blue light test and determined it... READ MORE

Dark Spot on Face. What should I do for that? (Photo)

I have attached my photo here, I have dark spot on my face only on 1 side at cheek, I consulted a doctor in India and he told me that I might be... READ MORE

Please can you assist me in finding a solution to getting my forehead colour back to my normal lighter skin colour? (Photo)

I'm not sure how it's gotten to this point but it looks terrible! And only recently did I really start to stop and think about. My skin colour in... READ MORE

Best Way to Get Rid of Faint Pigmentation Marks?

I have some faint marks where spots used to be , they are not so bad but I have tried creams and lightening soaps and nothing worked. How can I get... READ MORE

Can I use Stevia A cream .0025 % to lighten the hyperpigmented skin on my face?

I am a black female with medium brown skin tone all over my body but my face is several shades darker the rest of my body. My doctor gave me Stevia-A... READ MORE

Lighten hyper pigmentation around mouth. (photo)

I've had darkness around my mouth since I was a child. I would lick my lips repeatedly and it formed a dark ring around my lips that would seem to go... READ MORE

Can kojic acid soaps really work to lighten hyperpigmentation?

Kojic Acid based skin lightening soaps are quite popular and am interested in using them for some localized hyperpigmentation on my body. I'm just... READ MORE

What can I use to effectively lighten my skin to remove extremely stubborn hyperpigmentation from my face and neck area?

Hello, I am an African-American with a severe hyperpigmentation issues that seems to not go away no matter what I use I use 2% HQ but recently moved... READ MORE

How to lighten the pigmentation caused by road accident?

I have a dark pigmentation on my face due to road accident.which cream should i use to make it my original color READ MORE

Can you get rid of hyper pigmentation without lightening the skin?

I'm an African female and have a major hyperpigmention problem on my face. My forehead area is the darkest part and around the outside of my face... READ MORE

What can I do for stubborn hyperpigmentation that doesn't lighten up with the yag laser? I am an African American woman.

I have some hyperpigmentation under my chin and my jawline from my ingrown hairs that I picked at. I had them for almost 20 years. I've tried over the... READ MORE

How can I correct PIH around the eyes caused by the use of lightening creams that contains either steroids or HQ?

I've been searching for the right product that can help remove these dark circles. I have a african/west indies skin complexion? READ MORE

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